The Reclink Community Cup returns on August 7, 2016, at Norwood Oval, pitting local musicians against members of the community media.

The funds raised for Reclink Australia go directly back into the community, helping engage people who feel isolated or are disadvantaged.

Adelaide Community Cup events manager, Koral Chandler, played in the debut match receiving the best on ground award in the victory for the Rockatoos.

reclink 1 “Funds go directly to programs that help disengaged and disadvantaged members of the community re-engage through sports and arts programs,” Chandler says.

“We have musicians playing media, we have a strong partnership with our three community radio stations which is the grassroots and the most important part of what we do.”

Although charismatic and confident on stage with her band, Chandler was going through a difficult period which turned around after participating in the cup.

“One game of football made me feel like I was part of a family when I felt really isolated and really alone.”

“If someone as confident and out-going as me can feel that bad and then have it turn around, this is exactly what Reclink does for disadvantaged and isolated people.”

Community Cup founder and former Rockdog (Melbourne’s version of the Rockatoos), Jason “Evo” Evans, has represented the game as it is brought across the nation.

Evans says that last year’s Adelaide game was so successful that it has become his favourite of all the Community Cups.

“I’m on record to say that: I’ve said that before and I’ll say it again, to this date, it is my favourite Community Cup,” Evans says.

“It felt right, it felt good… we’re gonna be in Adelaide forever now because it was just so well received and people got it.”

Last year’s game attracted 1,100 spectators and raised over $16,000 for Reclink Australia, with all the money going directly back into helping programs in South Australia.

Norwood Football Club was pleased with the success of the event and are happy to have the game back this year.

“The day sold more beer than what they would have on a big home game and our people were really well behaved.”

“They’re making everything possible, so much so that the SANFL has said to Norwood ‘you just concentrate on that (the game) as your kickback to the community.’”

Get out to the Reclink Community Cup on August 7 and show some support for your local musicians and media, and for a great cause.

By Nutman
Feature photo from recent training run by Sean Kemp