Fresh from their national tour, Wasted Wanderers will meander back to us here in Adelaide this weekend.

Celebrating the release of their cracking new track ‘In Your Fire’, the trio has spent the past month hitting up the likes of Sydney, Brisbane, Newcastle and Canberra and will head home for a stint before their last date in Melbourne.

Dusty Lee (guitar/vocals), Benny Morris (bass) and Matt Birkin (drums) have had a great year so far with gig bookings at WOMADelaide and Clipsal 500, and drummer Matt says he’s really enjoyed getting out on the road on tour. 

“The best part of the tour is the travelling. As tiring as it can get driving everywhere, it’s always nice being out of your own state and in unfamiliar places. I think I’m the only one in the band who doesn’t complain about travelling and different hotels every night. I love it,” he says.

While they have travelled across Australia playing 10 dates, Matt says he’s keen to play in his home town again.

Playing in Adelaide is always a fun time. It’s great to see your supportive friends in the crowd, and playing in Adelaide venues that you’ve seen your favourite bands also play in makes for a special gig. Especially knowing you’re in your hometown and can sleep in your own bed that night,” he laughs.

With a rapidly growing following and increased radio play, Wasted Wanderers are starting to make a name for themselves around the country.

“It feels good to be getting recognised for your work,” Matt says. “I think people like the direction our songs are going in now, so hopefully it continues to happen, and we can gain more success through the radio and other platforms. I’d love to see us getting more interstate gigs. We don’t really have a big fan base outside of Adelaide; so building it bigger nationally is definitely something everyone in the band wants to achieve.”

A catchy and rhythmic tune, the upbeat bluesy new track ‘In Your Fire’ has been received well so far, according to Matt, and working with Jackson Barclay (Sarah Blasko, Birds of Tokyo) who put the finishing touches on the song was a highlight for the guys.

 “The audiences around Australia have been receiving the new song well. I think the upbeat nature of the track always gets people dancing, whether they have heard it before or not,” Matt says. 

“[And] Jackson is great! I’ve worked with him before. He’s a great young guy who’s passionate about making new music. He’s really exciting to work with and is definitely one of Australia’s rising engineers.” 

Heading back into the studio after their Jive show, Wasted Wanderers will be working on some new stuff for us, which Matt says fans will recognise.

We are going into the studio in two weeks to start on our second EP. We will be recording a bunch of new songs we have been playing live for a while now, as well as some older songs we are yet to get out into the world. Really looking forward to getting back into the studio,” he says. 

But before that happens, our very own Wasted Wanderers will play a gig at Jive Bar (181 Hindley Street, Adelaide), and at a meagre $10 a ticket to see one of the hottest live acts in the country, you’d be mad to miss it.

Get your ticket HERE! 

By Libby Parker
Photo supplied