After winning a week in a Holden Cascada* recently, we were offered another opportunity to test drive a Holden – this time it was the new Trax Turbo SUV.

IMG_7651I’m a Barina driver and I’ve had my tiny three-door hatch since it was brand new, so I have a very fond attachment to it, but I inherited two (truly awesome) step-children three years ago when I married my husband, so it is definitely time to upgrade and upsize.

The Trax is about the same width as my Barina, which means it’s a dream to park in Adelaide’s ever-shrinking carparks, but it is longer and more spacious inside.

With a very stylish leather interior, the Trax is fully optioned, including a 7″ colour touch screen, build in app technology, bluetooth and iPod connectivity and (get this) the ability to show movies and photo slideshows.

IMG_7844The rearview camera and rear parking assist is really helpful and didn’t beep at me incessantly when I was still a metre away from an obstruction, like some newer cars do – I hate that!

Heated seats are a luxury that now I think I can’t  live without, and the Trax had those, but it also had all the other great stuff my Barina has, like steering wheel controls,  so I still felt totally at home in it.

The kids loved it too! And not just because the one we tested was red and turbo, they loved the spacious interior and not having to flip the seats to clamber into the back, like they have to do with my 3-IMG_7863door Barina.

The Trax Turbo SUV is great for driving around the city, as it handles really well, there was plenty of room in the boot for us to store school bags, shopping and all the gear I need to teach my drama classes.

But it’s not just a great car for zipping around the city and ‘burbs in, it’s also great for long trips.

When the kids went to their mum’s house, Matt and I thought it would be fun to take the Trax out for a mystery drive (you know, where you just start driving until you stop?) and we ended up at beautiful Milang.IMG_9569

The cruise control was a great option on the open road, as was the ability to treat my husband to my entire playlist of 90s pop music, thanks to the bluetooth connectivity!

We had a brilliant week in the Holden Trax Turbo SUV and would highly recommend it for anyone after a comfortable, small, yet spacious, SUV at a pretty amazing price!

Words and photos by Libby Parker


*Here’s a photo of the gorgeous Cascada Convertible we tried first! Grab details about the Cascada HERE.