The release of Ben Wright Smith’s 2015 singles ‘No One’ & ‘Born Yawning’ propelled the young folk artist to the forefront of the Australian music scene, being nominated for an illustrious APRA award, whilst amassing a staggering 300,000 plus plays on music streaming service Spotify.

Now Ben Wright Smith has teamed up with the uber talented Oscar Dawson from renowned indie rock band HOLY HOLY (production) & Ali Barter (vocals) to deliver us his next single ‘SAND GRABBER’. The upbeat, summery & ultimately seventies record is some of the Melbourne artist’s best work yet, showcasing not only his vocal diversity but his phenomenal song writing ability.

Sand GrabberWright Smith worked with an array of instruments during the writing process from timeless staples through to futuristic synthesizers & drum machines allowing him to bring this folk-esque, psychedelic single to life.

“’Sand Grabber’ came from a jam I was having with my buddy Nic,” says Ben. “We were playing around with some synthesizers and some 80’s drums machines when I started playing the weird chords in the bridge of the song. I don’t think I’ve ever written something so illogical or in such a backwards way but it sounded cool so I went with it.”

Listen here to the track which is also available now via iTunes.

To celebrate the release of ‘Sand Grabber’ and thanks to the folks at Creative Victoria, Ben Wright Smith will taking the show on the road … to pretty much every corner of the sunburnt country, and including Adelaide gigs at The Exeter and The Gov.

Ticket details can be found here.