One of Australia’s most important emerging Indigenous singer songwriters, Corey Theatre is set to launch his new single this weekend.

Originally from Daylesford in Victoria (Jaara Country) and now living in Adelaide (Kaurna Country), Corey is a singular artist whose extraordinary talent is capable of speaking eloquently to our sense of national identity.

Through both his work as a leading exponent of Gunditj-Mara language revival and his deeply personal and genuine approach to songwriting, Corey’s songs convey a sense of country and place few other songwriters are capable of.

Despite the seriousness of his message, Corey’s music is uplifting and upbeat, curious and playful, keeping love at the core of its message and always advocating the merits of taking a laid back approach to life.

Corey Theatre is a star on the rise and his music is timely and profound.

His debut single Ngathuk Ngalina (featuring legendary artist Archie Roach) is sung in the Gunditj-Mara language.

Corey is a strong believer in the use of music as a medium for language revival and he actively explores this philosophy through his own artististic expression.

Drawing on community knowledge and historical documents, Corey uses his music to revive the Gunditj-Mara language, a tongue that has not been spoken fluently for close to a hundred years.

Check out Ngathuk Ngalina HERE, get more info on Corey HERE and get your tickets to Saturday night’s show at Nexus HERE.