So there I am walking down Regent Arcade (off Rundle Mall) feeling pretty good about myself after just donating a litre of plasma. That ‘pretty good’ feeling didn’t last too long as I discovered the water bottle in my bag had emptied through my bag and down the back of my jeans – great. However, if it was not for this embarrassing development I would never have discovered Veggie Velo. Having emptied all the soaking wet contents of my bag onto a bench, I proceeded to hold my bag over a rubbish bin to get all the water out and I looked around to see who might have been amused by my misfortune. It was there right behind me that I saw a little orange cart inside a bare room, a couple of people sitting on simple chairs and small tables eating burgers, and three people behind the cart hard at work preparing the aforementioned burgers. WELCOME TO VEGIE VELO said the big black board sign out the front….and welcome myself I did.

This lovely little pop-up vegetarian burger joint has just recently opened up in Regent Arcade and is open Wednesdays to Fridays. You may have seen the cart parked near the uni on North Terrace or other spots around Adelaide. The friendly faces who run Veggie Velo told me that because this winter has been so cold and rainy they have opted for an ‘inside edition’ of Veggie Velo for the customers’ comfort as well as their own. You can still find them around town though; just check their Facebook page for dates, times and locations.

13931592_251615465231687_2028150345_oThere are about five different veggie burgers on offer at Veggie Velo and they all sounded great. Nacho Burger, Tempeh and Pumpkin burger, and The Deluxe all appealed to me but the one the really caught my eye was the Grilled Haloumi and Pineapple burger ($12). I don’t want to lose any readers right now but pineapple on ANYTHING is a great addition, and scores an extra half a point in my ratings! Pizza, chicken parma and burgers all grow in deliciousness with the addition of pineapple, and this burger was no exception.

The beautifully grilled, squeaky, salty haloumi contrasted perfectly with the sweet pineapple. The avocado salsa, mixed lettuce, carrot, beetroot and alfalfa sprouts made this burger a monster and made me feel super healthy and I would definitely love their recipe for the vegan mayo onion jam, it tasted fantastic. Of course, you can’t have a great burger without a great bun and the wholemeal sesame bun was super fresh and super soft. It was a  great quick lunch at a great price for someone like myself who is always on the run in the city.


So there you have it folks: every cloud has a silver lining. Out of the misfortune of wet pants I have found a great little vegetarian burger joint that makes huge, great tasting healthy burgers. Don’t get me wrong, I do love a burger with meat or chicken but now I’ve discovered the joys of eating veggie too. If you’re in the mood for a burger but want it on the healthier side, give Veggie Velo a shot…you will love it!

Four and a half hippies out of five.


Reviewed By Shane Berketa