It is not often that I get to spend a morning with Mr.3 all to myself. He is still very mum-centric so when we do go out I try to make it count. On a nine degree Tuesday morning and after dropping Mr.5 at school it was time for me and Mr.3 to go on our own little adventure and this time it was in the suburb of Croydon.


Krispy Kremes

The first job of any parent is to get your kids on ‘your’ side. Every parent knows that sugar is the bait that wins your kids over and it was Krispy Kremes that proved a winner with Mr. 3 and me. Krispy Kremes in Croydon was, I think, the first one to open in Adelaide, to much fan fare. Today at 9am it is almost completely empty. Just me, Mr.3 and a guy utilising the cafe’s free wifi. It is a huge 2 story complex and is super clean. I don’t know if 13950862_257232184670015_834807414_othe cleaner had been there just before we arrived but it was sparkling and spotless and an extremely comfortable environment to kick back and relax. Huge windows inside the building look out into the production area where you see the doughnuts being made…unfortunately they were not being made when we were there but Mr. 3 was fascinated with the machinery and conveyor belts needed to produce the humble doughnut.

We looked over at the massive counter top where Mr. 3 was visibly drooling as he looked at all the doughnuts behind the counter window. After changing his mind 4 times he settled on chocolate doughnut with sprinkles whilst I got the $5 coffee/glazed doughnut special. “This is the best doughnut ever!” Mr. 3 exclaimed with his first bite. My coffee was huge, hot and tasted fantastic, as for my doughnut, I was left to ponder: Am I getting older or did Krispy Kremes taste better 10 years ago when you could only get them from Sydney airport on your way back to Adelaide? I eat them now and go “meh!”.

563 Port Rd, West Croydon SA 5008



The ace up my sleeve on this day was Lollipops Playland. I made the ‘dreadful’ mistake of taking my two boys here once on a weekend and during the school holidays….double whammy! It was the worst experience of my life! Over 100 unsupervised and over-sugared kids pushing, screaming, raking and clawing over my kids to get on the different play 14012719_257232454669988_1366236926_oequipment. This day was different though, at 9.30am on a school day there were maybe 5 kids in the massive three storey play area. Of course Mr. 3 wanted me to go everywhere with him and so there I was climbing, sliding and trying to crawl through the tiny tunnels. After working up quite a sweat we took a break and waited for the pirate ride to start…an actual swinging pirate ship ride in the play centre put a huge smile on Mr 3’s face and after 3 rides and two hours of play centre fun we were hungry and ready to go. The only tip I can give you parents is take your kids early and on a school day, it’s heaps of fun and cheap too.

Address449 Port Rd, Croydon SA 5008
Phone(08) 8340 2570
WEBSITE: http://croydon.lollipopsplayland.com.au/




I must confess that I have been looking for this place, as a male, for ages. If you want to know what ‘as a male’ means, well…it means that I have sort of been looking for it by hoping to stumble upon it and never asking or checking for directions as to where it is. So in the space of two years I’ve never found it…until today. I put my male pride aside and 14002348_257232748003292_424869206_orang my wife only to find out that it was as simple as being two blocks to the left of Lollipops Playland. It wasn’t what I was expecting folks. I was thinking some huge O’Connell Street bakery type of place instead what I got was a small, quaint little cafe with a small array of food to choose from. A little cabinet of pies and sausage rolls, another with sandwiches, pizzas and croissants and another with danishes and doughnuts. All looked lovely, fresh and tasty.  Mr. 3 was more than happy to go for a Berkshire ham and vintage cheese croissant ($6.50) while I was a bit more daring and chose a chicken, chorizo and white bean pie ($6.30).

I can’t believe that my two years of stubbornness had deprived me of these great taste sensations. My first bite of the pie with its flaky pastry was great but the second was heaven. As I got a taste of the chicken, chorizo and white bean my taste buds went into raptures…what a great combination! In the space of 120 seconds the pie was finished. I ate 14001747_257232831336617_1335529345_oas if I had to be somewhere but I didn’t – it was just so good. Not to mention Red Doors homemade sauce – it did cost a dollar but was worth every penny…or cent. Mr. 3 was gracious enough to let me taste his croissant and I don’t want to speak for him but it was just as good as my pie. Super crunchy, super soft, buttery, hammy, melty, cheesy…even thinking about it is making me salivate. I’ve been to some great bakeries in Adelaide but this one rockets to the top. The staff is friendly and happy to chat, the menu is nice and small and not mind baffling and the food is great. Don’t be stubborn and try to find it yourself use your phone or ask for directions, you’re only depriving yourself!



22 Elizabeth Street,
SA 5008
Open every day : 8am – 4pm
Tel: 08 8340 0306



The last stop of Mr. 3’s adventure was to visit the Adelaide United Football Club to pick up our memberships and visit Mr.3’s uncle who works there. For those of you who follow football/soccer you will know that the mighty Reds won the A-League championship for the 2015-16 season. Although a number of players have left the club for overseas clubs, big things are still expected and with players such as Carrusca, Elrich and Galekovic, still on the team, it should be another great year. Memberships can be bought online or visit the club to pick up your memberships and some sweet Adelaide United merch (its right next to Coopers Stadium where they play their home games). An adult 14 game membership starts at $285, Concession $230, Child (6-14) $98, Family $668 and children under 5 free.


Address: Corner Manton & Holden Street, Hindmarsh SA 5007, Australia
Phone:+61 8 8340 3000
Website: goreds.com.au

By the time we got back into the car Mr.3 was all tuckered out. We ate, we played and we ate some more, all while discovering the joys of the Croydon area. Next time the boys and I will try and find another suburb to have fun in. If anyone has any suggestions, in regards to what suburb or activities to do, feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments box (below) or hit me up on Twitter.


Shane Berketa