Brisbane’s favourite indie-pop collective, The John Steel Singers, have announced that they will be going on hiatus following the completion of their current national tour.

The band has brought out three albums in their time together and has been steadily gigging, both nationally and internationally, for nearly a decade.  The John Steel Singers will be wrapping things up with one of their final shows of the tour here in Adelaide on the 2nd Sept.


Happy and Select Music present:


Midnight At The Plutonium tour

Supported by Alex Lahey

Friday 2 September
Jive, Adelaide
Tickets via Moshtix

Regarding the hiatus, the band penned this letter to their fans:

“Ya know what? We gotta be some of the luckiest people. We’ve shared the stage with some of the most talented people known to mankind. We’ve become pals with some of the best people around, a large portion of the ones we love, who now are stuck in our lives like exoplanets orbiting around a shitty star (science not included) have become a part of us thanks to this band. We’ve played shows to the most wonderful fans all over the world. Most importantly we’ve been together, for the best part of a decade and I can’t think of any better people to have shared this wonderful experience with. Making music together, sharing beds, huddling together for warmth in a tiny shed when we got locked out of our accommodation in the middle of winter, driving thousands of kilometres (and miles) and playing shows all around this country and abroad.

Now that it sounds like we’re breaking up I think it’s gotta be a good time to announce that we’re going on a hiatus after this upcoming tour. Don’t worry, we still love each other very much and will still make lots of music together. (Life has gotten peculiarly busy these days. There is a brand new child in the band, a brand new bar, a brand new business and the ongoing challenge of balancing life with touring has led to the decision of halting the touring life for now.) It hasn’t been an easy decision but it has been made easier by the fact that we made a goddamn beautiful decision and built ourselves a studio so we can look forward to making music again when the time is right… maybe in a few weeks.

Until then, we got a bunch of John (Steel) Farnham goodbye shows coming up.

We are looking forward to playing songs from the new album as well as all our goddamn hits (some of our hits(have we ever had a hit?)) later in the month. With the added bonus of Kirsty Tickle on sax and vocals and Jono Boulet on percussion as well as all the pals we can get on stage we are honestly playing the best shows of our career. We hope our fans enjoy the last shows for a while.

The band would like to thank our family and friends, our management team Maggie Collins and Jesse Barbera. Our fucking awesome booking team at Select Music – Mr Rob Giovanni and Casey O’Shaughnessy. Our long time pal/sound guy/tour manager/goat Adam Hignett, our longtime pal/producer/wine supplier/motivator Miro Mackie. We are indebted to them for pretty much everything and we owe them their sanity. Mr James Wright who has stepped in on the drums and helped us bang out bangers every time he sits down at the kit. We look forward to having his creativity and passion push us even further in the studio.

We would like our past members to hold onto the pieces of our hearts that are in their possession. Ross Chandler who only recently left our flock, the brain washing stopped working and he escaped but we feel as if he has been suitably damaged to be forever a member. Pat McDermott – the youngest looking old dude in show business. Damien Hammond who held the bass lines down tour after tour and last but not least Mr Dion “Fuckin’ Ooo la laaa” Ford, we will forever feel safer on the New York subway thanks to your patronage and will forever remember the population of Newcastle and other major cities.

Most importantly we’d like to thank our fans! It has been an absolute pleasure! Ya’ll have made the past decade goddamn unforgettable!

The John Steel Singers”

By Lauren McAleer