LEFT TO RIGHT: Mike Fuentes, Vic Fuentes, Tony Perry, Jaime Preciado


Pierce The Veil

Pierce The Veil are touring Australia nationally in support of their latest album Misadventures. The last time Pierce The Veil were in Australia was for Soundwave 2013. It’s been three years since then and four years since their last album Collide With The Sky.

 An intimate crowd at Thebarton Theatre were treated to Pierce The Veil’s new material and classic songs for their first headlining performance in Australia. Silverstein, Beartooth and Storm The Sky accompanied Pierce The Veil for one of the biggest post-hardcore lineups to come to Adelaide in recent memory.

New-comers, Storm The Sky, opened the show sharing new songs from their 2016 album Sin Will Find You. The young crowd seemed to be unfamiliar with Storm The Sky from the beginning. The band captured attention through their unique sound similar to a mix between Hands Like Houses and sometimes Linkin Park as heard in ‘Wake Up Sleeping’. The band earned the crowd’s ears through heavier and upbeat single ‘Jaded Ghost’ and earned some new fans by the end of their 6 song setlist.

American metalcore band, Beartooth, took to the stage immediately waking the crowd up. Whether you knew Beartooth or not it was hard not to get into. Their energy and aggressiveness was contagious and got the crowd moving. Beartooth played a short seven song setlist with three singles from their latest album Aggressive and four songs from their surprisingly successful debut Disgusting. Classic songs ‘The Lines’ and ‘In Between’ were screamed back at them. The band ended on a high note with their most aggressive and fast paced song ‘Body Bag’. Beartooth will hopefully have many future tours in Australia with lead singer and Beartooth creator, Caleb Shomo being only 23 years old with a massive career ahead of him.

Canadian post-hardcore act, Silverstein, were not as well known to the young Pierce The Veil crowd as the newcomers, Beartooth. In comparison, Silverstein took a few extra songs to warm up the crowd. However, Silverstein had an older section of the crowd going mental from the first note. Silverstein gained the admiration of the crowd with a  nostalgic melodic hardcore sound reminiscent to the early screamo days.  Shane Told’s witty banter in between songs kept the crowd entertained even if you didn’t like the music.

Much to the delight of the crowd the band invited Caleb Shomo back on stage to share screams. A great thing about these shows was the clear bromance between all the bands on this tour. This goes as far as Silverstein and Beartooth sharing the cute moniker, “SilverTooth”. Silverstein played classic songs ‘My Heroine’ and ‘Smile In Your Sleep’. Silverstein’s new album I Am Alive In Everything I Touch was recognised joyfully by the crowd. Silverstein continue to release successful albums 16 years into their career, innovating and evolving each time.   

Pierce The Veil lead guitarist Tony Perry walked onto the dark stage opening his guitar case in a scene mimicking Pulp Fiction’s golden suitcase. Perry immediately started the riff to Misadventures opening track ‘Dive In’ to a unanimous scream the crowd. The band stormed the stage and released their energy for the whole set, never slowing down. The crowd returned this energy screaming and singing every song and every note back to them.

Highlights of the show included lead singer Vic Fuentes inviting a fan on stage singing classic romantic favourite ‘Bulletproof Love’, much to the envy of every single girl in the audience. Adelaide was treated to the live debut of acoustic ballad, ‘Kissing In Cars’.

Pierce The Veil acknowledged that their return to Australia and their new album was long overdue. However, they went above and beyond to make up for it. The stage show held nothing back combining confetti cannons, streamers and over the top lighting to give fans the Pierce The Veil experience. The setlist consisted mostly of highlights from their new album Misadventures and the crowd favourite Collide With The Sky. 

The band returned for an encore going straight into Misadventures single ‘Circles’ and then sending their final farewells through their most well-known song ‘King For A Day’. Every Pierce The Veil fan left completely satisfied with the band having well and truly made up for their absence since Soundwave 2013. The band swore they’d be back soon, expressing their love for Australia and questioning why they didn’t come back sooner.

The line-up of Storm The Sky, Beartooth, Silverstein and Pierce The Veil gave every fan of the hardcore genre a taste of everything. The tour continues in Melbourne this weekend before finishing up in Perth.