frnkiero andthe patience the gov oct 10 2016

Former My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero brought his punk rock heavy new adventure Frnkiero andthe Patience to The Gov on Oct 10.

Although it was a Monday night a loyal Adelaide crowd lined up eagerly outside The Gov. My Chemical Romance’s most successful The Black Parade came out in 2006, however, most of the audience at The Gov would have been 5 years old when it was released. Frnkiero andthe Patience have gained the ears of a new generation of fans.

The night started with support act Walter Schreifels who brought endearing minimalist songs accompanied by only his electric guitar. Walter Schreifels songs are easily lovable and to top it off his charming, laughable personality shined through between songs as he chatted with the fixated crowd.

walter schreifels frnkiero andthe patience the gov oct 10

His instrumental talent combined with comical songs such as ‘The Ballad Of Little Kim’ and ‘Adderall Highway’ won the crowd over. He nearly lost the room when he jokingly shouted “Oh shit! A clown!” not knowing that clowns were currently a terrorist threat to Adelaide, not a laughing matter. All was forgiven and by the final song’s end, Walter left the room to an ovation of applause.


As Frnkiero andthe Patience took the stage the room filled up with high pitched screams in excitement. The full band kicked straight into punk rock, high energy, distorted guitar riffs. This tour was the first time Australia got to hear songs off the first debut album ‘Stomachaches’ with a full band. Previously Frank toured Australia acoustically after the cancellation of Soundwave 2016.

frnkiero andthe patience gov 10 oct

The setlist was fast paced and relatively short, seeing as Frank did not have a massive discography to play under his belt. The crowd was eager for every minute of it. The new songs ‘I’m A Mess’ and ‘Remedy’ off the upcoming album received a massive response.

Frank Iero has an amazing vocal sound that’s a mix between melodic pop punk and the aggressive roar of 1980’s punk. The instrumental accompaniment of the self-proclaimed backing band the ‘Patients’ worked together like a fine-tuned machine. Although the ‘Patients’ are a new addition to Frank Iero, seemingly replacing the former ‘Cellabration’, they had great chemistry and obvious rapport with each other. With the band catching on when Frank couldn’t read the set list properly and correcting him because he wasn’t wearing his glasses.


The band left the stage to the massive hit ‘Joyriding’, which had everyone in the crowd singing along. They returned to the stage for a final encore, which to the delight of many of the chaperoning parents in room was a turned up to 11 version of ‘Rockaway Beach’ by The Ramones. The band invited Walter back on stage for the final goodbye of the night as they put their last effort into the all familiar anthem.


Frank Iero has managed to produce a killer discography of punk rock tunes while cementing himself as a frontman and admirable vocalist. The band has managed to make a distinctive name for themselves with a unique and refreshing sound and a small kick back nostalgic nod to Frank’s past.

New Album ‘Parachutes’ Available October 28th, 2016.

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Tickets still available for the final 3 performances around Australia HERE