Dope Lemon is the new project from Angus Stone, of Angus and Julia Stone fame, and it is coming to Adelaide very soon.

Playing at The Gov on October 22, Dope Lemon will be playing tracks from the debut release Honey Bones and maybe a few new songs Angus and the band have been working on.

Speaking to us after a rehearsal for the tour, Angus told us he was keen to get on the road and start playing the new stuff for us.

Dope Lemon“I’m really looking forward to sharing these songs. There’s a whole bunch of news songs that we’ve been playing around with through the rehearsals and it’s going to be a really fun set to play live, especially with the record. I’m quite proud of those songs,” he says.

“People have been coming up and being really kind, saying they really like the record, and it’s a really nice feeling. You put so much energy into it, so to have that come back, it’s a nice feeling.”

The softly spoken, but incredibly talented singer songwriter recorded much of Honey Bones at the home studio on his farm, which Angus says has contributed to the sound and success of the album.

“When you book a studio, you’re on the clock and you’ve got your engineer and the people at the studio on the clock, so there’s a routine to it. You run through the songs and you’re cutting down the tracks you think work and then you move on and you lose a bit of magic,” he says.

“Having your own place, you can just push record, go in, record all night, drink beers and meander about. In those times, when you go back through the recordings, you find some real gems. For me, that’s key.”

So enjoyable was the recording process, in fact, that most of the musicians Angus is touring with have moved to the property, making for a kind of perpetual jam.

“To have people around you that you respect and who are good at what they do and are god people in general is really crucial. It’s quite difficult to get everyone in the same space and it’s been really good this year because all the people I wanted to go on tour with have all moved up to the property I live on. It’s really easy, we just shoot a text out: ‘2 o’clock jam’ and everyone says, ‘fuck yeah, let’s do it’,” he laughs.

Honey Bones has a rich diversity in its sound with instruments banjo and sitar, and electronica effects, which Angus attributes to his collecting of guitars on his travels.

“I’ve been collecting guitars since I’ve been on the road for the last ten years. In the States, I’ve got some really pearler guitars. I got some really nice amps and stuff from New York and Chicago. When I come home, I just hang out with my instruments and create sounds. I love doing that,” he says.

“I got the sitar in India when I was there for a little holiday. I got to meet some really interesting people, including a really beautiful sitar player. I sat down with him and learned some things, and he made me a really nice sitar. I ended up coming home with it and it was pretty scary coming home carrying a precious instrument, because baggage is a little sketchy, but once it’s home, I’ve got a little spot for it. I have a little shrine for my instruments!”

With the inspiration from the instruments and people around him keeping him writing, Angus now has enough material for another new release coming soon and he says Dope Lemon is not just a side project, it’s here to stay, for now.

“Whilst we’ve been rehearsing this tour, I’ve been putting together an EP,” he says. “Hopefully I’ll have that out by early next year. I’m going to stick with the Lemon for now.”

That, of course, doesn’t mean you should miss the Dope Lemon gig on October 22 at The Gov. In fact, you should grab all of your friends and get there, because Angus is looking forward to playing for Adelaide crowds.

“Adelaide is rad. I’ve had some of the best nights out in Adelaide. It’s pretty wild. Everyone’s pretty loose and I like that when you’re getting up on stage; everyone is with you and it’s a good energy. It’s a lot of fun to be around. It’s epic. Get everyone out to see the show and let’s do this!” he says.

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By Libby Parker