One of the hardest working musicians in the country, Dallas Frasca, is heading back to Adelaide on the back of a world tour, and she’s bringing the buzz with her.

The Dirt Buzz, that is, which is the title of the band’s latest EP released on their very own record label Spank Betty Records.

Dallas Frasca (vocals, guitar) and Jeff Curran (guitar) have been playing together for ten years and are an unstoppable duo, playing an insane amount of shows and making stacks of great music.

With a brand new drummer on the team, they are currently jetting around the world with Ugly Kid Joe, winning fans wherever they go and playing back to back shows.

Speaking to us from Aschaffenburg, a tired but enthusiastic Dallas said she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“It’s been incredible. All of us feel so grateful to play in front of these great audiences. I’m on a bus every day with 12 guys, which is stinky but awesome, and it’s just a great bunch of people who really work together well. So it’s been full of laughs and lots of very funny moments. So it’s been really cool,” she says.

Between playing some amazing supports, like a recent tour with legendary blues outfit The BellRays, and working on a record label, Dallas Frasca found some time to record a new EP, which is significant nod to the dirtier, more bluesy sound of recordings pre-2015’s top 30 ARIA charting Love Army.

“Last year we played fifty weeks of fifty-two weeks of the year. But I haven’t had a day job in ten years so this is pretty cool. But it definitely does take a toll sometimes. We worked pretty hard all of last year and then we were in Europe again in May and we found out we scored the Ugly Kid Joe, support and we wanted to put this new release out before we came back so we had something new to offer,” Dallas says.

“We came back, re-wrote the whole thing, recorded it, released it, launched our own label and then we got on plane we’re back in Europe again. The whole thing has just been a really fun adventure. If you don’t have the right people around you things can become a drag. But I definitely can’t complain.

“Behind the EP we spent about eight months song writing and, as you know, we’ve had a lot to do with The BellRays. We did the Australian tour with them and we went to Europe with them. So when we got back from that trip, I was so inspired by that fuckin’ powerhouse of a lady, she so cool. It was a really, really fun tour with those guys, she’s a dream.

“I was really inspired by that. And I think my voice is very bluesy and soulful and I had this moment where I said, ‘Jeff, I’ve got this song idea and I really want to go along these lines with songwriting.’ So the eight months we’d had of songwriting, we completely scrapped and started again – a week and a half before we went into the studio! We’re really happy with it, it’s a really good representation of who we are organically. And Jeff and I, it’s out ten-year anniversary, so it’s a bit of celebration of that and being true to our roots.”

And on the subject of being true to their roots, the pair have created Spank Betty Records to help out artists who are starting out and giving them a fair go.

“I started up the label in 2009 to put the band’s own releases out and it got put on the backburner when we signed to Social Family Records a couple of years ago. So that went on the backburner for a little while. We made some really huge changes this year, personally, and in a direction of strength and empowerment,” Dallas says.

“So it kind of made sense to take things back in our hands because we feel really strongly about doing things ourselves and having creative control. There’s just so many fucking awesome bands out there that aren’t getting the attention they deserve. And we’d like to help; that will happen next year, we would like to help nurture and help develop some of those bands and steer them in the direction that they want to go. It’s a platform to help other bands and put releases out.”

But before then, Dallas Frasca, who was born in South Australia, will be playing at Jive for, what she describes as, “one of the craziest gigs I think we’ll play.”

“We will be in Ireland for three days and we get on a plane, fly to Melbourne (24 hours flying), get our gear then fly straight to Adelaide. Then we play a show 12 hours later. It’s actually fucking crazy, but we’re up for it. We wouldn’t leave Adelaide off the tour because we love going there. I think we’ll be a little jetlagged and delirious, but I think they’re always the best gigs.”

Dallas Frasca will play at Jive on November 18 supported by Filthy Lucre and Babes are Wolves, with tickets through Moshtix. Dirt Buzz is available now on CD, vinyl and download.