Local Adelaide whimsical folk artist, Tom West is set to launch his new single ‘All My Friends Are Scientists’ at The Grace Emily on December 4th. ‘All My Friends Are Scientists’ is the first taste of his new album set for release mid-2017.

We had a chat with Tom to talk about the recording of the new album up in the Adelaide Hills in a small secluded cabin in Mt Crawford.

“We rented out a place called Thomas Hill House to record the album. It’s an old farmhouse up in Mt Crawford Forest, Forestry SA own it and rent it out. It’s full of bunk beds, I imagine school camps go out there. We just rented that out for a week and my friend Todd set up the studio inside the house. It’s not normally a studio, it’s an empty house with a kitchen, sofa and bunk beds. We relocated Todd’s studio into the house” Tom explains.

The album is now fully recorded and Tom is ready to give Adelaide a taste of the new single for the lucky few at The Grace Emily this Sunday (4th). Although the full new album won’t be available till mid-2017, Tom gave us a hint of what’s to come.

“To me, it feels further down the path from where my early music started walking down. It’s a natural progression, the arrangements are a bit more complicated and there’s more going on in most of the songs. That’s really the only way I can put it, it’s a development from the sounds I liked to make previously. There are no drastic differences in approach that I took differently. Hopefully, it’s something that will still appeal to the pallet of people who liked the older stuff.”

“I try to translate my songs from acoustic guitar and lyrics up into soundscape styled songs, with the music working in tandem with the words to create images. You’ll hear that in all the songs, there are songs where it’s just the guitar and me and there are other songs where the music swells, getting really big and grand. It depends on what I see in the music.”

On the final night in Mt Crawford, once the album had been recorded, Tom and his band performed a beautifully aesthetic live version of ‘Petra’ without rehearsing.

“We had kind of been thinking about it all week. Toddy had the original idea of recording a song outside, using one mic, which is what we did. We decided to just give it a crack on Friday. We had never played the song before apart from twenty minutes before we did it.”

Tom will be accompanied by a star-studded lineup of local Adelaide artists for the single launch show including Todd Sibbin (banjo), Naomi Keyte (vocals), Kristy Mitchell (drums), Louis Donnarumma (bass), Ryan Martin John (guitars) & Adelaide ex-pat Ryan Oliver (keys).

“I don’t really have a normal band to be honest. I haven’t played with a band, for ages at the moment. I kick around by myself and then try to whip out whoever I can get ahold of for a special occasion. Which more often than not is my friends and fellow collaborators. Most of the people who are playing that night have performed on the new album.”

“For the next little while, I’ll be doing more gigs with the band lineup than I have been in the past year. The nature of these new songs will be better delivered with a full band. I think I’ve fallen into the habit of playing at The Grace Emily because I really like it. I know all the people there and it has become comfortable and familiar. I’ve never had quite the same connection anywhere else as I have The Grace Emily.”

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Tom West will be launching his new single ‘All My Friends Are Scientists’ on Sunday, December 4 at The Grace Emily.

 Brisbane based O Little Sister will be opening the show to launch her new single Cold Feet.

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Grace Emily Hotel

Sunday, December 4th


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