Adelaide’s most hardcore Used fans gathered to HQ on Nov 29 to see a once in a lifetime celebration of The Used’s career as they performed their self-titled 2002 album in full.

Opening the show was Sydney-siders Corpus who garnered the crowd’s attention with their unique setup consisting of just two members; a guitarist and drummer, sharing vocal duties. Despite their lack of instrumentals, Corpus made a racket, smashing through their short set list proving to make a statement. With a garage rock/punk sound, the two-piece were a great opener with a fast paced, energetic sound.

Storm The Sky are making a name for themselves at the moment, having opened for Pierce The Veil on their national tour and vocalist William Jarratt performing with Young Lions on the recent Bayside tour. Storm The Sky aren’t an energetic opening act, however, their heavy emo anthems fit right in with the nostalgic crowd gathered to see The Used. Storm The Sky seem to be growing as a band and doing everything right. Their songs follow the formula of the best poppier bands within the scene today. They’ve got every element they need in their songs, with anthem-like choruses, polished modern synths and ripping distortion guitars. Songs like ‘Jaded Ghost’ are a testament to the potential this band has. However, they still haven’t seemed to hit the nail on the head with all their songs, leaving a few lacklustre moments in their setlist. As stated in previous reviews, this band’s next album has the potential to be massive and it’s an exciting time for Storm The Sky.

Seeing The Used’s 2002 self-titled album was a nostalgic celebration of a 14-year anniversary. Although the album is roughly 40 minutes long, the setlist went for more than an hour with the show full of hidden gems and emotional reflections from vocalist Bert McCracken. As Bert recently stated in an interview with The Upside News, the flow of the album was quite awkward in a live setting, it went from fast song, to slow song, yet the crowd were transfixed.

The atmosphere in the room was full of anticipation, the unique aspect was, of course, the fact that everyone in the crowd knew the setlist. It seemed like everyone had done their homework and rehearsed every single word to each song in preparation for the event. The art of listening to an album in full may not be as prominent in the year 2016. This event teleported the room back to 2002, where you would buy the CD, put it into your CD player and listen to it from front to back, listening out for the hidden tracks on the album. Bert expressed his love for these shows as he is now able to share songs with fans that he thought would never get played live.

These shows take the artist and the fans back to a moment in time, allowing everyone in the room to reflect and celebrate a moment in their younger self’s life, for better or worse. These shows are an opportunity to see The Used at their peak. Their masterful experience after 14 years of touring and instrumental practice makes this the best performance of their most iconic and beloved album.

The Used are still on tour, with Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane still to come. Tickets and VIP options still available. Head to   for more information

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