Having previously supported Metallica in 2010 and attending many a Soundwave Festival, Baroness finally graced Australia with a headline tour, performing at The Gov on Mon 12. Running hot off their 2015 release Purple, there was no better time for the now Grammy-nominated band to finally get intimate with Australia.

Opening the night were Adelaide locals Crypt. Playing stoner rock, head-banging jams to the early bird crowd, Crypt sounded like they were straight from the American desert rock scene. With groovy blues chunky guitars and fast paced, smashing drums, Crypt kicked up the energy in the room.

Next up, Melbourne’s Child brought modern Australian rock with a touch of something new. Their inspirations such as AC/DC and Rose Tattoo were evident in their sound. Child brought a classic heavy rock sound matched with a bluesy rhythm and soul ripping solos. Child are a tribute to the classic sounds of the 80’s, watching Child’s charisma and on stage performance is a familiar treat of nostalgia.


Baroness treated Adelaide to a gigantic setlist of hits spanning across their discography, with a focus on their latest, grammy nominated success, Purple. With mood lighting that changed colour depending on the album, the audience was immersed in the progressive performance and musical mastery of Baroness.

The Purple album has taken Baroness to a new level of success. With two new members, Nick Jost (bass, keyboards) and Sebastian Thomson (drums), Baroness are a different band. Nick adds a new level of musical experience with his classically trained background, while Sebastian brings a new level of energy from his electronic, dance music drumming history.

The audience seemed more receptive to the latest hits from Purple, however, classics like ‘Green Theme’ and ‘Take My Bones Away’ were sung by everyone in the room.

Baroness picked the perfect opportunity to do a headline tour of Australia. With the new energy and inspiration in the band they have created their most successful album to date and are currently at their peak. It’s exciting to think what the next Baroness album will bring and if it will exceed the behemoth that is Purple.