A Day To Remember brought their Bad Vibrations tour to Adelaide Entertainment Centre on Tuesday, Dec 13, accompanied by Tonight Alive and Of Mice & Men last minute replacements Issues. 

Issues kicked off the night with their hybrid of metalcore screams, pop punk melodies and Justin Timberlake like clean vocals. It’s an odd combination that sometimes misses the mark. Regardless, their high energy performance is exactly what the doctor ordered for a killer support act. The two vocalists tore around the stage giving all their energy into their short support set, with bassist Skyler Accord being the most entertaining member of the band with his contagiously lovable performance.


Tonight Alive returned to Adelaide for the first time since Soundwave 2015 with their fan-splitting new album Limitless being performed for the first time in Adelaide. With a setlist focusing on this new album, it seems Tonight Alive have moved on from their pop punk roots that gained the admiration of Australian fans.

After the success of the 2013 album The Other Side, Tonight Alive were set to be one of the biggest bands in the Australian alternative music scene. Limitless has seemed to put a speed bump in that momentum, with the songs performed not being as well received as the classic Tonight Alive songs off The Other Side and What Are You So Scared Of? 

Their setlist was still full of classic hits and sing along moments, with the band fitting into the support slot for the A Day To Remember fan base extremely well. The band have improved their live show and production. It’s exciting to see where Tonight Alive will take their next album, perhaps a return to their roots is in order.


Off the back of their latest album Bad VibrationsA Day To Remember brought their massive full production tour to Australia. Bad Vibrations is once again, another killer album by A Day To Remember. Unfortunately, this is now a problem as their 20+ setlist is still not enough to fit in all their hits, a good problem to have.

With a focus on the new album, songs like ‘Exposed’, ‘Reassemble’ and ‘We Got This’ were thrown into the mix with a resounding response from the crowd. The mix of mosh-inducing metalcore hits like ‘Exposed’ and ‘Paranoia’ and radio friendly pop punk anthems like ‘We Got This’ and ‘Naivety’ show why A Day To Remember are in the position they are today. With a healthy mix of genres crossing over every different fan base, an A Day To Remember show has something for everyone.

A Day To Remember shows are notorious for their additional bits of fun such as volleyballs, t-shirt cannons, confetti and toilet paper. This was all present at the show, yet somehow the band has kept building on it and are bringing something new to each tour. With a wall of monitors behind them, each song featured personalised videos with lyrics and animations, while some songs included live footage of the show with vocalist Jeremy McKinnon holding a live go-pro getting shots of the crowd.

With the addition of these new hits off Bad Vibrations and a massively polished live show, A Day To Remember truly are at their peak and are set to keep growing. This show has something for everyone with hardcore heavyweight hits and emotionally lovable ballads. The only bad thing about an A Day To Remember show is that they now have too many hits to fit into a setlist.

A Day To Remember have two more shows on the Bad Vibrations Tour

Tickets still available: HERE