Melbourne singer songwriter Scott Darlow, who had a very big 2016 with the release of his version of Goanna’s 1982 hit ‘Solid Rock’, tells The Upside News about his favourite music acts to come out of Adelaide:

1.  Cold Chisel. Formed in Adelaide in 1973, they were and are a super band. Jimmy Barnes is the ultimate frontman, Ian Moss is a genius singer songwriter and guitarist, Don Walker is a brilliant songwriter and frontman on his own, Steve Prestwich was a phenomenal drummer, and Phil Small is the lock down thumping bass player every rock band wants.

2. Paul Kelly – Songbird of his generation. I love him. What else can you say?

scott-darlow3. The Angels – From Adelaide, started up around the same time as Chiesl. Imagine being a kid going to see live music in Adelaide in 1974. Chisel one night, the Angels the next. Must have been insane. Epic hard rock band that still inspire me every time I listen to them!

4. The Superjesus – Sarah Mcleod DVDs should be compulsory viewing for every high school music class as an example of how to be a true rock guru. She’s a superstar and her songs are amazing.

5.  Peter Furler– As a kid growing up with parents who were church goers, The Newsboys were a band that I grew up hearing. Peter Furler writes hooky pop rock songs that I loved as a kid. He’s an amazing live performer and an amazing songwriter. His band, The Newsboys, have out sold just about every Aussie band ever, had 6 records go gold in the US and had 4 Grammy nominations! A phenomenal achievement.

Check out Scott’s version of ‘Solid Rock’, in which he collaborates with original artist Shane Howard, and the video, featuring the likes of John Butler, Anothy Koutoufides, David Wirrpanda and Kasey Chambers.