Lauded from London to Paris and everywhere in between, the internationally acclaimed St Petersburg Ballet Theatre performed Swan Lake to a practically full house at Her Majesty’s Theatre on December 10. This is their first Australian tour in fifteen years.

First performed in St Petersburg in 1895, the immortal and enchanting Swan Lake, with its unrivalled ‘white acts’, its spectacular and dramatic ballroom scene, sublime music and deeply moving story, is the ballet that towers above all others.

St Petersburg Ballet Theatre’s Swan Lake is a larger than life performance. Her Majesty’s Theatre transformed into a magnificent and luxurious setting, taking the room from a grand ballroom to the infamous hauntingly dark, Swan Lake. Combined with the remarkable costume design the audience was transfixed, lost in a world of these herculean dancers.

SL Irina Kolesnikova as Odile Photo KT.jpg

The cast of Swan Lake are elite athletes and outstanding dancers, making their perfectly practised and polished routines look effortless. It’s hard to look at the performance and think of ballet as a painstaking and exhaustive artform, as the performers never break a sweat. Never faulting or missing a cue, the cast work together as a division, mirroring and synchronising with one another through an immaculately tuned art of silent communication.

Of course, the highlight of the night is the initial meeting between Prince Siegfried (Dimitry Akulinin) and Odette (Irina Kolesnikova) in Act 2. Accompanied by the introduction of the swans of Swan Lake, the theatre was silent, mesmerised by the minimalist beauty of their graceful aura.

When not in silent admiration the audience was laughing with the lovable and charismatic pantomime from The Jester (Seiyu Ogasawara) and Tutor. The Jester combined comedic relief and artistic prowess, with his skilful leaps and bounds he gave the most energetic performance of the night.

The St Petersburg Ballet Theatre’s rendition of Swan Lake is a state of the art performance that should not be missed. The fictional world, that many children grew up watching and dreaming of, comes to life before their eyes in a classical, surreal and monumental production.


Presented by Andrew Guild & Simon Bryce

Date:   7–11 December 2016

Venue: Her Majesty’s Theatre

Booking Details: | Phone: 131 246

Groups discounts available
Discounts for seniors and children under 13 years of age
Duration: 3 hours including 2 intervals
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