I can honestly say I’ve never seen a wrestling match open up for a band before. A group known as Luchafer took the stage proceeded to warm up the crowd by progressively beating each other up – much to the audience’s delight!

The audience were enthralled from the moment drummer Jeff Friedl (A Perfect Circle) began to play the opening of “Simultaneous”. Quite unusual to see the drummer positioned downstage centre while the two harmonious vocalists Maynard James Keenan (Tool) and Carina Round stayed out of the spotlight, mainly sticking to their positions in the wrestling ring or off to the bleachers on the side.

Many in the crowd were excited to see the group’s first ever headline tour of Australia after playing at Soundwave back in 2013; the whole crowd couldn’t get out of their seats quick enough when prompted by Maynard! The rest of the band, consisting of Mat Mitchell as guitarist, Paul Barker (Ministry) on bass, Mahsa and Zargaran on keys / vocals, were a well oiled creative machine.

The performance, divided into four acts was flourished by onstage antics from Luchafer throughout and was simply visually interesting to watch. Although none of the musicians onstage were lit (a decision that was intentional), no connection was lost between audience and performers. The silhouettes created against the projection during ‘Grand Canyon’ from their third studio album, Money Shot were captivating.

Is it too early for me to call “Gig of the Year” yet?!

“Some people never go crazy, what truly horrible lives they must lead” – Charles Bukowski

Reviewed by Hollee Gunter