The Maine are returning to Australia for their fifth time, joining All Time Low and Neck Deep in Adelaide on May 16.

Coming off celebrating their 10th anniversary in January, bassist Garrett Nickelsen says the pop punk quintet loves visiting down under.

“It’s just a great place, I remember the first time we went we thought ‘we must have crashed and landed in heaven’ because this place is beautiful,” Nickelsen says.

The first half of 2017 is set to be busy for the five-piece, as their sixth studio album Lovely, Little, Lonely will be released on April 7.

The first single from the new album, “Bad Behaviour” was released on January 19, two days before their 10th anniversary.

“I feel like that song is like what we’ve done previously, not that the rest of the record is completely left-of-centre,” Nickelsen says.

“But there’s a lot of things we talked about doing for a long time that we have been able to accomplish now.”


The group had generated a lot of positive attention when they released the video for “Am I Pretty” last year.

The video reinforced the songs message about self-love and accepting your flaws, with its powerful introduction.

However, it took some time and work for the song to progress into something the band was happy with.

“It’s one of those songs that we recorded we weren’t like ‘oh this is the one people will like,’ but it’s taken a life of its own with our fans and it’s one that we always have to play,” Nickelsen says.

“We had done like four different versions before we ended up recording that for American Candy and it was initially a different story.”


One of the strengths of the band has been its consistent line-up, avoiding being derailed by major personnel changes in the band.

After a minor change with a guitarist in the first few months from the bands inception, they’ve had the same line-up since.

“We know what we wanna do and we know each other so well… If someone is being an asshole you call them out, if someone is sad you help them out,” Nickelsen says.

“Just realising we’re five people all in it for the same thing and there isn’t anyone going in with an ego.”

The Maine will play at Thebarton Theatre on Tuesday 16 April and you can grab your tickets HERE.

By Nutman
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