Up and coming Swedish metal act Imminence will be releasing their second full length album This Is Goodbye on March 31.

In 2010, the band was formed by vocalist Eddie Berg and guitarist Harald Barrett in Malmo, Sweden, when they were 17 years old.

Sweden has proven to be fertile grounds for music – particularly heavy metal – and Eddie says the significance isn’t lost on the group.

“I think it’s played a big role, especially with the Gothenburg sound coming from Sweden,” Eddie says.

“As teenagers In Flames was one our absolute favourite bands, when we first started Imminence that was the type of music we wanted to play.”

For new listeners, the band’s sound will likely draw comparisons not only to many of those Swedish bands, but also current rock and metal bands that have an electronic edge.

Similarities can be drawn to Bring Me The Horizon’s current sound, as well as Linkin Park’s classic “hybrid” sound, which was a specifically strong influence.

“Hybrid Theory was one of the first albums I bought when I was kid with my own money and Chester (Bennington) was probably the biggest reason I started singing in the first place,” Eddie says.

Eddie says vocal producer Simon Peyron was a key part of the recording process, as he helped bring the band’s sound to the next level.

“It had a big impact to work with Simon, he was one of the reasons we opened up our eyes to different styles of music,” Eddie says.

“He was totally the right person to pull the best effort out of me and to give it that extra push that we needed.”

A key factor in the early development of the band was their approach to doing as much work as possible.

It takes a lot of leg work to get a band off the ground and new bands are required to put in effort to find a way to stand out.

Eddie says the band never originally set out to take on extra responsibilities, but realised it was a necessity if the band was to be taken seriously.

“When we started out we always tried to do whatever we could to do more to get further,” Eddie says.

“The first step we thought was we need a music video, but we can’t afford to hire someone so I was buying a camera and started doing it ourselves.”

“It’s not like we had a DIY mentality, it was more that we had to do it ourselves and we just kind of continued like that.”

The official music video for “This Is Goodbye” can be viewed here. The album and singles from This is Goodbye are available for order here.

By Nutman

Photo supplied.