Emmure are a polarising name in the extreme metal scene, but despite controversy they continue to do their own thing.

The band has gone through a complete line-up overhaul with vocalist Frankie Palmeri being the only remaining founding member.

Releasing their seventh album, Look at Yourself, Palmeri says the band will continue through the good times and bad times.

“Fans can expect everything they want and more from the new record, it’s every strong component Emmure is been known for times a million,” Palmeri says.

The four-piece form New York have built a solid fan base, but every new release and tour sees new potential fans getting exposed to their unique style.

“Whenever I meet someone who isn’t familiar with the band, I tell them we are a metal band because it’s easier than too explain what our sound really is.”

“If I tried to tell someone who knows us, but never checked us out… well what the fuck are you doing haha.”

“We’re just a fucking heavy band, I don’t know how to define our sound for anyone other than we do what we do.”

Emmure has always been a polarising band in the scene as they have received criticism for their lyrical content and image.

They are far from the first musical act to do so, but Palmeri says the band has had to learn how to better deliver their message, as well as accept there’s always going to be some form of backlash.

“You’re not gonna please everybody, there’s always going to be someone out there who decides they don’t like you and don’t like what you’re doing.”

“The way I see it… I’d rather people have an opinion whether positive or negative than be indifferent.”

Palmeri says past examples – like his Cold Soul clothing line – were creative ideas meant to shock for artistic purposes, not to push beliefs.

“I look back on a lot of things I’ve done and I don’t enjoy them, things I did creatively, artistically, professionally I go ‘uhh, I don’t know about that.’”

“It was something (Cold Soul) I tried out that was done haphazardly with very little concern about the quality or what the message was meant to be.”

Sex and violence has always been glorified in entertainment media and the content display from the band continues to be purely for entertainment.

Looking back on it, Palmeri sees the necessity of controlling the presentation of the message, as people may not always see it in the correct context.

“When people get hung up about violence… as a species our two biggest aphrodisiacs are sex and violence.”

“I wouldn’t say I regret it, but I learned something very important from it with creative decisions, I don’t sit there and assume everyone sees things the way I do.”

Look at Yourself will be released on March 3 and you can get it here. Their latest video for “Flag of the Beast” can be viewed here.

by Nutman.

Photo supplied.