#FirstWorldWhiteGirls: “A comedy cabaret about the trauma of being a white girl” 

This candid cabaret show embodies everything that it means to be over-privileged, white and female in a modern world of memes and men; where your handbag is a status symbol and your cat matches your couch!

These two enchanting chicks discuss hard hitting issues and teach us fundamental life lessons through song and dance numbers such as, ‘Be Careful Who You Swipe Right For’, and dish out advice on the importance of clinging to your youth, whether it be botox, motox or best yet ‘Labiaplasty’.

Tiffany (Judy Hainsworth) introduces herself as a trust fund princess and self-proclaimed business woman, socialite, singer-songwriter, 21 and blonde. While Madeline (Meggan Hickey) her hashtag BFF forever lives in the shadows of Tiffany’s “fame” until she eventually (to Tiffany’s disgust) has her moment in the sun with a big song and dance number,’You’re a Unique Snowflake’ cheering on the narcissistic, vain, selfish starlet that exists within all of the “ME” generation.

The show revolves around tongue-in-cheek songs dripping with political satire and cultural commentary, while in the breaks discussing with the audience the suffering perils of being a bourgeois Barbie in today’s world of Instagram and Tinder dating. Crushing problems such as, ‘Are you too hot with the air-conditioner off but then also too cold with it on?’, ‘Is your house too big for your wifi?’ and ‘Does your online shopping sometimes not arrive in time for the weekend?’.

There are some incredibly funny and controversial songs in the show poking fun at lifestyles of the rich, pseudo famous, and Donald Trump.

This show is perfect for a girl’s night out! Grab a couple of Cosmos, your BFFS and enjoy a Botox Party! Grab your tickets HERE.

Four stars


Reviewed by Daisy Sumersford