Get ready for some sore cheeks – Ivan Aristeguieta will have you going bananas for Juithy at the Garden Of Unearthly Delights this Fringe until the 19th of March.

Aristeguieta’s comedy makes a humble crowd feel like his own family as the audience embarks on a hilarious journey about the parallels between Australia and his home country of Venezuela.

Ivan Aristeguieta certainly deserved the loud snorts and chuckles, as he very accurately exposes a unique Venezuelan migrant perspective on Australian culture, leaving us with a great appreciation for mangos!

Although we all left the venue with a new six-pack of abs, Aristeguieta’s show is poignant, as he reveals how his migration to Australia was one of reason; his story has particular resonance for our society, considering the world’s current political climate.

Despite his important message within a hilarious format, a persistently rowdy group interrupted Ivan during the show and were eventually booted out, making sure they didn’t leave without vomiting a few expletives on the way, which proved to be a hysterical joke between Ivan and the audience throughout the rest of the show!

Ivan Aristeguieta kept his cool and made an exceptional recovery, rebooting the party after the group left the tent and had us back in stitches in no time.

Unlike some stand-up comedy shows, audience members leave Juithy with understanding of new morals and perspectives that are significant for the everyday Australian’s appreciation of individual stories.

Resisting a laughing fit in Aristeguieta’s Juithy is impossible and with no effort at all, he’ll have you craving mangos!

Selecting a show at the Adelaide Fringe can at times be stressful because you simply just don’t know where to start; however, make sure you give Ivan Aristeguieta’s Juithy a visit – it will most surely get you into the Fringe swing if you haven’t already!

‘Juithy’ by Ivan Aristeguieta is showing at Cupola in the Garden Of Unearthly Delights from February 17 to March 19, beginning at 9:30pm. Grab your tickets HERE.

5 stars

Reviewed by Joshua Boscaini