For this weekend, forget all about any of that derivative Hollywood fodder, and get a load of Nosferatu – A Symphony of Horror. This is a show for all you goths, ghouls, and lovers of the dark arts, and you need to get your eyes and ears over this while you have the chance. This is a true gem lurking in the deep, dark, folds of the Adelaide Fringe program.

This is a brilliantly executed, new and original cinema score by Tess Said So played live to film, and unlike the content of F. W. Murnau’s 1922 silent film, Nosferatu, it’s not shocking that the show was a sell out at the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Using just keyboard and percussion, Tess Said So, create a highly bewitching soundscape that compliments the movie well. Throughout the film, the two musicians utilise all opportunities to interact with the film, adding depth to the original score.

Don’t be fooled, if you’re looking for some Vampire with a heart of gold story, this isn’t it. This Nosferatu is dark and nightmarish, and nearly 100 years on, is still widely considered a masterpiece of cinema. Tess Said So do an excellent job in capturing the toxicity of this film with their music.

I urge you to jump at the chance to see this show, not only because this film is a precious treasure (as all copies of the film were once ordered to be destroyed), but also because of the short season in which Tess Said So are giving us this rare opportunity.

5 stars

Final show for Adelaide Fringe is tonight at The Mercury Cinema. Tickets and more info here

Reviewed by Lauren McAleer