We Live by the Sea is an excellent piece of theatre: engaging, innovative and featuring some terrific performances from the youthful UK cast.

With creative use of space and sound (including a fine three piece musical ensemble), we are immersed in the world of Katy, a sensitively nuanced character who lives with autism.

we-live-by-the-seaAlex Brain delivers an incredible performance as Katy, from the moment she greets you as you at the door to the final bow, for which she stays in character. But the show wouldn’t be the success that it is if not for the rest of the ensemble, who bring their characters to life with uniform strength and achieve great synergy.

The play is finely constructed using story-telling, symbolism and an imaginary dog friend, and it all come together very nicely.

One of the real stars of the production is the band, with the music helping to develop just the right tone for the piece.

On the odd occasion, the sound does drown out pieces of the dialogue, a very minor distraction in an otherwise outstanding production.

We Live by the Sea is an immersive experience, delivering an important exercise in empathy. It’s exciting that Fringe can attract quality international theatre like this – go see it.

The play runs until the end of Fringe in the Black Forest at the Royal Croquet Club. Buy tickets here.

4 stars

Reviewed by Matthew Trainor