A nine person band is a huge undertaking; logistically and musically it’s a lot to manage. Fortunately Lance Ferguson and The Bamboos have a wealth of experience in performing and touring.

We spoke to The Bamboo’s lead man about these things and more, ahead of their gig on board the floating Adelaide Festival hub, another big venture Lance is taking in his stride as only a consumate professional would.

“It feels totally normal to travel with two vans, multiple instruments and trailers,” Lance said. “You’ve got your own party and your own entourage. Every member of the band, as their own project they’re working on and getting them all in the same place can be difficult, but everyone contributes and collaborates on the new works.”

The Bamboos are looking forward to playing Adelaide Festival and specifically the Riverbank Palais, a subject Lance was more knowledgeable in than I was (a bit embarrassing as he’s from Melbourne and I’m from Adelaide).

“I think it’s great that it’s being rebuilt,” he says. “It’s a historic landmark that burnt down in the ’20s.”

We moved to the subject of venues and Zew Zealand born but Melbbourne based Lance sahred his two favourites,The Corner Hotel in Richmond and Cherry Bar.

“It was the one of the first big venues we could actually fill! And Cherry bar is a small, sweaty, awesome bar that is on the front lines of the continuing battle between live music venues and residents,” he says. “Cherry bar faced changes when residents moved in next door and made noise complaints. The reality of the scenario is that there has to be compromise between residents and venues. 

“What happened at Cherry Bar was that sound proofing needed to be included. I do personally think that if you move next to a venue and has been there for decades, and if the venue is compromising I think I’m on the side of the venue. Ultimately the venue supports and plays a role in the lives of potentially hundreds of people and all it takes is one grumpy person to close it down”.

The Bamboos are working on yet another album, which is due for release this year and Lance says he is thrilled with how it’s sounding.

“We haven’t lost the hunger; the momentum that comes with making a new album!” he enthuses. “We’re hoping to have the album out later this year, or definitely some singles. I think it’s our best one yet!”

The Bamboos will be performing at the Riverbank Palais on the 12th of March at 9pm get your tickets here and check out the entire Palais program HERE.

By Rupert Hogan-Turner

Photo supplied