In their international debut performance, Dragonflies Theatre presented The Chemsex Monologues in the intimate space at The GC, in The German Club last night to rapturous applause.

Through five monologues you are introduced to four characters and their varied experiences in the chemsex scene. Chemsex, which can be defined as the sexualised use of drugs, is not a comfortable topic to tackle, but the exceptional cast humanise it so well.

We are first introduced to the Narrator, played by Richard Watkins (who also produced the show). His recounting of an unforgettable experience with a sexy young man called Nameless sets the scene.

Nameless is the constant feature in the monologues and you are taken through his rise and fall in the chemsex scene. Played by Damien Killeen, we see Nameless at his most enthusiastic. A young night-clubber looking for a good time, his need to be loved is ever-present as he falls into the wrong hands.

Remy Moynes is brilliant as Cath the Fag Hag. Getting caught up in the scene through her best friend Steve, Cath realises she doesn’t belong at the “chill-out” parties and we are taken through her emotional turmoil as she sees her friends descent.

Seen through the eyes of Daniel, the Sexual Health Worker, the mental and physical health issues of the scene are exposed. Through many awkward and hilarious moments, Daniel navigates his own way through. When Daniel encounters Nameless he is at his darkest, his issues exacerbated by the drugs.

Despite heavy themes, The Chemsex Monologues brings the laughs. There are moments of humour and love with each character which bring what could be a complete tragedy a lot of heart. It raises a lot of social issues without being sanctimonious and is an enthralling watch I recommend you see.

4.5 stars

The Chemsex Monologues is playing every night (apart from March 13) until March 19 at The GC in The German Club. Pick up your tickets here.