In Adelaide for two shows only as part of Adelaide Fringe, stand-up comedian Steve Hughes packed out this Arts Theatre this weekend.

If there’s one thing I learned, Hughes doesn’t care if he offends you, but you can’t help but be charmed by his brand of intelligent humour.

Hughes tackled feminism, politics and more and had me in stitches from the get-go.

The metal musician turned comic has a knack for making solutions to worldly issues seem obvious, breaking down government thinking and tearing apart long-held beliefs throughout the evening. He pokes holes in the negative features of the Western world but does it in a way that doesn’t sound like complaining.

He took aim at political correctness, saying “it is the oppression of our intellectual movement, so no one says anything anymore, in case somebody else gets offended.” After reaching a certain point in the act, he asked any PC warriors to leave before dropping more truth bombs.

Hughes also got personal. He recounted his burnout from excessive touring which culminated in a nervous breakdown and a stint in rehab, or as he jokingly describes it “you broke your f***ing brain.” No topic is taboo for Hughes and despite the heavy hitting subject matter, with Hughes you feel like you’re having a laugh at the pub with an old friend. His honesty and insight is refreshing.

It’s clear to see why Hughes has such a big following not only in Australia but internationally.

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