Up and coming Heavy Metal band The Charm The Fury are releasing The Sick, Dumb And Happy on March 17.

It’s only the second album from the Dutch five-piece and they are ready to breakout on the international Metal scene.

Drummer Mathjis Tieken says the band wanted to draw inspiration directly from the bands that drove their passion into Metal in the first place.

“Our previous material was different from our newest record, which is a throwback to the things that made ‘80s and ‘90s Metal so great,” Mathjis says.

“We try to give a shout-out to bands like Pantera and Metallica, then throw in some modern stuff and give that a spin.”

“What we really wanted to do is bring back that raw energy that existed in metal then, you don’t see a lot of it anymore, metal has become so technical.”

Lead vocalist Caroline Westendorp says Slipknot was her first Metal introduction, which lead into other acts like System of a Down and Limp Bizkit.

Expect Caroline to become established with Metal’s elite soon enough with her diverse range of melodic and intimate singing to full-force guttural screaming to a rap breakdown.

It’s not talent that she was born with or developed at a young age, but skills she has worked hard in the last five years to improve.

“I started out behind a computer watching scream vocal tutorials on Youtube and I was doing it wrong and just shouting,” Caroline says.

“It was horrible, I was the worst screamer ever – I think everybody has the potential to become a screamer.”

“I have been working with a vocal coach for almost five years, which really helped me get my technique right.”

Mathijs says Caroline overstates how bad she sounded before, but coaching has helped protect her voice better.

“I loved what you were doing, but it was just so loud… it was ear piercing and after two words she’d be totally out of breath,” Mathijs says.

“My vocal coach actually gave me this assignment to go running in the park and sing during it, which is quite awkward because you have a lot of people go past you,” Caroline says.

Although not strictly a political band, The Charm and Fury’s lyrics take a large amount of influence from what is happening in the world.

This can be polarising as Metal has a politically diverse audience, but the group are unapologetic about wanting to speak their minds.

“It’s like this recipe for disaster that we’re hurdling towards, that’s what influence most of the lyrics, as well as traditional media and social media play into this.”

“Traditional media will take news then dumb it down twenty-fold to present it to you and on social media it’s supposed to be this free thing, but instead we’ve ended up in our own bubbles.”

Mathjis and Caroline were rather surprised to know that local politician Geert Wilders’ notoriety has extended beyond Europe.

The far-Right Dutch politician is known for voicing a strong opposition towards Islam and campaigns to stop what he considers the “Islamisation of the Netherlands.”

“I didn’t know you guys knew who he was!” Mathjis says.

“I think Geert Wilders is our small-town version of Trump, he’s crazy and he I think he spreads hatred towards minorities,” Caroline says.

The band will continue to have their eyes and ears open to what’s happening in the world as their creativity will continue to reflect it.

“I think a lot of European countries right are at a tipping point, what you saw with Brexit was the first thing, then Trump happened,” Mathjis says.

“What you’re seeing now is in individual countries, a lot of ultra-nationalist right-wing parties are gaining traction.”

“In the next two years, it will be interesting to see how the political landscape changes, because I think it is going to change and for the worst.”

The Sick, Dumb And Happy can be purchased here.

View the videos for “Down On The Ropes” and “Echoes.”

By Nutman

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