The Backstories is a series of shows developed for the Adelaide Festival by Annette Shun Wah and William Yang from CAAP to explore the Asian-Australian experience, in this case featuring Moya Dodd’s story.  The performance elegantly presents Dodd’s family history in a way that engages the audience, exploring her passions and relating the tale of her success.

The_Backstories_Adelaide_Festival_Large_2Dodd embarks on a journey about her grandparents and parents’ life, growing up in Australia as a Chinese-Australian. She opens up about the moments where she and her parents experienced racism because of her heritage. With the feint piano playing in the background, she illustrates her struggles and joys.

Later, Dodd describes her passion for football as a young girl, and the lengths to which she would go to play the game, a passion that would eventually lead to her to rise as high ranking football official.

Warm and engaging, Dodd allowed the audience a real insight into her fascinating life and career, thoughtfully reflecting on the influence of family and culture.

On the issue of female representation in football as a growing international reality, she was particularly passionate.

Her story is one that deserves to be heard; it is a classic Australian story demonstrating the importance of our diversity and, therefore, a valuable addition to this Adelaide Festival program.

By Joshua Boscaini