The latest offering by renowned South Australian dance company Restless Dance Theatre is something to behold.

A magically beautiful, stunningly presented and wonderfully staged production, Intimate Space takes its audience of only ten people through the Hilton Hotel with a dance piece at each stop.

Restless 1- Jianna GeorgiouFrom the lobby to the hallway, a top floor suite to the laundry, the loading dock to the kitchen, this production by the inclusive theatre company which celebrates dancers of all abilities and backgrounds is a fantastic journey and a remarkable feat.

Weaving in and around unsuspecting guests at the hotel, the audience is constantly surprised and delighted by the performers who seamlessly lead them through the poignant production.

Music is played through portable devices, sound systems or through headphones, which means timing is crucial, and it is flawless.

Only ten audience members are permitted to each intimate, experiential performance, and the season has sold out completely, so let’s hope Restless Dance Theatre bring it back again, because it is one of the most exciting, affecting, entertaining and surprising shows to hit Mad March.

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