Miss May I are releasing their sixth album Shadows Inside on June 2, a continuation of the Ohio natives fast-paced, energetic heavy riffing.

Approaching their 10th anniversary, Miss May I have good reason for continued optimism, as they stay true to their core sound.

The album gets straight to the point with the opening title track, which vocalist Levi Benton says is all part of the band’s mantra.

“The opening track ‘Shadows Inside’ will be a huge song live and I know when we wrote the pre-chorus it would be a sing-a-long,” Levi says.

“We got to choose that for one of the singles and that was just so fun because we wrote that to be a crazy live song.”

Live performance has always been the forefront of Miss May I, ever when they started from their humble beginnings and built themselves up.

“Every song we write we think about how it’s played live, we pride ourselves on being the best live band we can be and to really bring a fun show and memorable night,” Levi says.

“The further our band gets we think about the bigger picture things, like if we did this we could have these lights do that or have this happen on stage.”

“That’s the best part, it’s not like we can just show up in t-shirt and jeans and just do the same old show.”

The individual members in the band have varied musical interests, not just metalcore, but classic rock, blue, pop punk, R&B and hip hop.

Despite these varied interests, the band still keeps a tight, focused sound and none of the members have been interested in turning it into something different.

“We’re all focused on keeping the core sound, especially on this record, if it was really up to us… we just always wanted to play as fast as heavy as we could,” Levi says.

“I think a lot of people could hear that on our early records… a lot of our songs didn’t make sense, they weren’t really songs, we just wanted to play as loud and fast as we could.”

As with all international bands, it’s unlikely to expect them down under just as the record drops, but Levi insists it will be part of the cycle.

We’re already talking about it, I’m hoping before the end of the year, but if worst comes to worst it will be early next year,” Levi says.

You can pre-order the new album Shadows Inside, due on June 2.

By Nutman

Photo supplied.