The first Groovin The Moo of 2017 started in Adelaide at their new home in the Adelaide Showground on Friday, April 28.

Stepping in where Big Day Out left off, a sold out crowd gathered to the show grounds to experience a diverse lineup of treats.

L-Fresh The Lion started the day off with an amped up live performance with a different level of energy to the studio recordings. With an extra loud distorted guitar and smashing drums, an L-Fresh The Lion live show is reminiscent of the throwback style of classic rap rock, giving the performance an extra level of attitude.

Amy Shark packed out the Moolin Rouge stage to one of the biggest crowds of the day. Hot off her number 2 single ‘Adore’ in the hottest 100 and having just released her debut EP Night Thinker, Amy was accompanied by a full band and a stage show with animations and graphics on the gigantic screens surrounding her. Amy Shark has taken that next step up with her sound and stage show, making her look like a headline act and most importantly attracting a crowd the size of a headline act should. With a unanimous scream from the crowd, Amy finished the set with Weekends and then Adore, without a silent voice in the room.

Against Me! were an odd fit for Groovin The Moo, however, their classic rock and roll set list filled with their newer anthems from their latest album Shape Shift With Me won the ears of unfamiliar listeners.

Similarly, over in the Moolin Rouge tent, Architects riled up the crowd and started a massive (and only) circle pit of the day. Once the few confused curious first-time watchers cleared the area, the tent turned into a metalcore show with arms and legs swinging.

Smith Street Band played highlights from their brand new album More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me to a crowd that had rehearsed all the lines. It’s odd that the Smith Street Band still aren’t at the same level as similar Aussie rock friends Violent Soho. It’s only a matter of time before Smith Street Band are headlining festivals around Australia from the push another album of hits has given them.

Tash Sultana mellowed down the crowd as everyone swayed and sang along to her all to familiar EP Notion. Throwing in a few extra instruments and using her famous experimental looping Tash Sultana gave a performance with improvised moments and perfected skill.

The Darkness performed a fun set of dramatic glam rock and roll. With a mix of new songs off of their upcoming album and classic hits from their early 2000’s highlights, everyone was encapsulated by the larger than life comical performance of The Darkness.

The Wombats began to close the night with their upbeat and positive pop rock hits. There isn’t a happier and crowd pleasing song than ‘Let’s Dance To Joy Division’. With a strong amount of hits under their belt and after returning to Australia numerous times and building up a strong following, The Wombats had a gigantic loyal crowd singing along to every hit.

Violent Soho closed off the night in classic Aussie rock fashion. Violent Soho have reached that headlining status after their massive hit album WACO. It’s amazing to see the band reach such a high level and have everyone in the crowd familiar with their songs. Having toured so much in the past year the band dusted off a few songs from their back catalogue to keep things fresh. Nearly everyone in Australia would have seen Violent Soho now; it’s exciting to think what level the band is going to go up to next.

With a little bit of something for everyone, Groovin The Moo is beginning to become the festival to fill the gap left by its predecessors.

Check out our photo gallery by Kay Cann. Have you been snapped in the crowd?

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Reviewed by Thomas Jackson

Photos by Kay Cann