As a tribute to mothers and nurturers, Adelaide singer songwriter Kylie Brice has today released the clip for her song ‘Recharge’.

The third track on her stunning Broken and Beautiful EP, ‘Recharge’ is a homage to the women who treasure every moment in their children’s growth.

With lyrics like, “My little world revolves around you/and I happily surrender”, accompanied by melodic guitar and Kylie Brice’s haunting and earthy vocals, ‘Recharge’ celebrate’s the singer’s honest and tender songwriting style.

Kylie says the ‘Recharge’ clip filmed by Little Blue Box Media is about self-care, so it’s the perfect gift to give her fans and supporters on Mother’s Day.

“It makes sense to me to share a music film clip about motherhood on Mother’s Day,” she says. “It’s the one day of the year where there’s a spotlight on all the work that mums do all year round. Especially all the mundane, sometimes-yucky, repetitive, often thankless tasks. I want to encourage all mothers (birth, adoptive, foster, step, carers) to know it’s ok to give to yourself too; in fact it’s necessary. Self-care isn’t selfish. It’s not sustainable to keep giving to others and not give to yourself. You matter too!”

Kylie Brice has dedicated much of her time and talent to helping people in Adelaide who are struggling with mental health issues.

And the message in ‘Recharge’ is a simple and genuine one, which is for carers to give back to themselves as much as they give out to others.

“I used to call this my selfish song, and I always felt hesitant to sing it in public but felt it was important to share. I’m amazed at how many people can relate. I’m certainly not alone in feeling the guilt that often comes with motherhood,” Kylie says.

“This track is one that so many people say is their favourite from my EP and people often buy my CD so that they can share ‘Recharge’ with a friend they know is struggling. Having this clip is another way to spread the word and I think film is very powerful. I’m a very visual person and I think a message sinks in more when people can engage in different ways.”

“If there are mothers out there waiting for permission or needing a little encouragement to make the step of looking after themselves but don’t have the words or haven’t quite figured that out for themselves, I hope this can help.”

Imagined into life by her vision and direction, coupled with the good work of local creative team Little Blue Box Media, Kylie says the clip for ‘Recharge’ turned out exactly as she’d hoped.

“I had the pleasure of working with the team at Little Blue Box Media. They really caught my vision for the clip, and went above and beyond in bringing it all together. It was a really different experience for me directing the clip rather than being the main feature, but it was important for this to not be about me. There are so many mothers who lose themselves in motherhood and I wanted to try and capture a relatable story for others,” Kylie says.

“As well as our main character and family, I had a whole lot of friends jump on board as extras; it was so special to have them be a part of it and I know each has their own journey and connects with the song in their own way.

“It was really fun to go through the process of putting together a short film. There is so much involved! And I couldn’t be happier with the end result.”

Kylie wishes to thank Arts SA for funding this project.

The Upside News are thrilled to be sharing Kylie Brice’s video ‘Recharge’ with you this Mother’s Day and encourage you to grab the EP HERE.

By Libby Parker
Feature photo by Photography by Laura Jane