The Night Flight Orchestra have released their third album Amber Galactic, a throwback to days of highly melodic, big rock tracks.

The sound is a complete departure from what you might previously know Björn “Speed” Strid for, also the vocalist for Soilwork.

Björn says the concept of the band started when guitarist David Andersson joined Soilwork on tour in 2007.

“We instantly bonded over similar styles of that music, it got to the point where me and him were drinking and listening to it every night,” Björn says.

“It’s becoming every metalheads guilty pleasure, that’s what it seems like at this point haha, but we didn’t set out to please metal fans.”

“We just wanted to create something that we really enjoyed and that comes out for the right reasons, it’s not just doing it for the sake of it.”

Next challenge was finding other musicians that captured that era of music; the point of focus was finding musicians who truly felt what the band was about.

Strid and Andersson brought on Sharlee D’Angelo (bass) from Arch Enemy, Richard Larsson (keyboards) and Jonas Källsbäck (drums).

“Jonas the drummer was a childhood friend of David’s, he said he was a really cool guy, and yeah, he was right!” Björn says.

“Richard was an old friend of mine who I’ve known for 15-20 years and I knew he really liked the era we were trying to capture.”

Despite forming ten years ago, they didn’t even start jamming until 2009, and it wasn’t until 2012 they released their first album Internal Affairs.

Doing a lot of work for Soilwork and Arch Enemy has made it difficult to commit time for the band to expand itself to that level.

“Somewhere in between all that touring [for Soilwork] we managed to record two albums that were released on a small Italian label,” Björn says.

“But I think we became better musicians and songwriters, and really started to channel our influences in the right way.”

Björn says his work in Soilwork has helped him be able have built up a strong enough voice that can take a beating.

His style in Soilwork had always been prototypical of vocalists within the genre, but he used those abilities to improve and expand his stylist range.

“Believe it or not, all those years I’ve been working a lot on my falsetto and I’ve always been curious of singing like this, but I needed to do Soilwork first,” Björn says.

“I was nervous about being able to pull it off, but after a first jam sessions I realized I could pull it off and it was the greatest kick of the world.”

“I have the best of both worlds now; Soilwork has become darker and extreme and then there’s Night Flight, it’s the two sides of me.”

You can buy the new album Amber Galactic here.

By Nutman

Photo supplied.