Melbourne five-piece Belle Haven have spent years connecting with their fanbase in every way possible, starting every show reminding the crowd that they are just as much a part of Belle Haven as the band members. Now Belle Haven have gone a step further sharing their extremely personal new album You, Me And Everything in Between with the world on Friday, 16 June.

The Upside News spoke to vocalist David Vernon about his thoughts on the new album just before it’s released into the world.

“I’m definitely curious, I really want to talk to my friends who finally get the opportunity to hear it and see what everybody thinks of it. There’s a lot of fear that goes into that as well. Overall the vibes are very positive within the whole band,” David explains. 

“We keep it to ourselves a lot, I think I showed my mum and that’s about it. Pretty much nobody. We’re pretty private with it and you have to catch us in a good mood for us to show it to you,” David laughs.

“You show someone you love, and you really value their opinion and they go, ‘oh yeah, that’s pretty cool’ and you’re like oh no that’s not good enough and you start panicking, so we just keep it to ourselves for the release.”

“Mum appreciates it. She listens to Emarosa, but it’s not really music she would listen to. There are some bands in the alternative world that she appreciates, Underoath as well. She has appreciation for what we do from having an inside vision on a lot of the lyrical content that I write. I don’t think you’ll catch her spinning it in the car on the way to work or anything though.”

Just before this interview began, Bella Haven released a ten-minute video of David talking about the events in his life that eventually lead to the lyrical and musical themes that have run through the veins of Belle Haven for so long. This was his first discussion about it after it went online.

“Yeah, I knew it was going up. I haven’t watched it. I’m not sure how I feel about it. The guys really, really wanted to do that. I’m not saying it happened without my consent or anything. I want people to watch that and feel like it’s more okay to open up. I’ve had a lot of people message me already and let me know about their stories. It seems to have had the desired effect already, which is a beautiful and sad thing. It’s beautiful that people can talk, but sad so many people are suffering. My goal has and is being achieved with that video, but I don’t quite have the guts to watch it yet. I had a rough time talking a lot about that stuff, it’s weird having that out in the open, it’s a positive thing, and I will get around to watching it when I have the balls. For now, I’ll just let people watch it and tell me about it.”

Many of the lyrical themes in You, Me, And Everything in Between are about the trust issues the band has in the music industry and getting let down and mislead by past collaborators. Now the band are with Greyscale Records and they couldn’t be happier with the album launch campaign.

“We have a lot of trust issues as a band. A lot of people have tried to take advantage of us, and have taken advantage of us and used us. That speaks volumes of our naivety and also to a degree our laziness as well. With this record, we were pretty determined to self release and do it independently because we were too afraid to let other people touch it. A few labels reached out to us and Greyscale were by far the most sincere and the only one we could trust. That’s not a statement to anyone else we spoke to at all, that’s just an attitude we have in our band that we’re trying to overcome and Greyscale have delivered on everything and more that they’ve promised us in this release process.”

“Josh (Greyscale Records) is a great friend of the band in general. We have been close with Ash on a personal and business level for years. Ash (Greyscale Records) was our first booking agent back in 2012/2013. We remained friends and we were getting dinner one night and he told me he wanted to start a record label. I told him it was a great idea and if I had known he was going to work with Josh as well I would have told him it was an even greater idea. He went ahead and started Greyscale Records and he asked to hear the new album once it was finally done, he showed Josh and they both loved it. Signing to Greyscale was such an organic, natural and light decision.”

Having already done a tour of Australia just a few weeks before the album is released Belle Haven are taking an unexpected next turn.

“The general response after an album release is a touring and writing recording. But what we’re actually going to do is finish the Self Made tour and go on a holiday together for about a week. We want to reward ourselves for this long journey and relaxing on holiday. We’ll wait till the album comes out and staying home for all that and celebrate in JB Hifi and celebrate with friends. Then we’re going to go away for a while and spend some time with each other and plan.”

You, Me And Everything In Between is out on Friday, 16 June via Greyscale Records. Purchase it here: