Tess Fowler never seems to sleep. Having just released a full 8-track visual album under her soul folk duo Sitara with her sister Erin Fowler, Tess is now set to perform at the Cabaret Fringe Festival in her show Revelations Of An Angry Beast a blend of spoken word poetry, theatrical storytelling and full songs accompanied by a violin and piano.

I started writing it about two years ago. It’s been absolutely therapeutic. I think all artists need some kind of catharsis in their work. A huge part of making this show was about saying goodbye to the personal narrative I’ve lived for a very long time. In the last few weeks I’ve sensed great urgency to get this story out there so that I can perform it, and then say goodbye to it. I’ve also needed to prove a few things to myself to break out of some limiting beliefs I’ve held for a long time. So not only is the content of the show therapeutic, but the very act of putting it on is proving to be incredibly significant. I’ve said to myself for a while now the only way I can fail is if I don’t try,” Tess explains.

Revelations Of An Angry Beast reveals Tess’ self-love story, starting with her travels to India, Asia and Europe. During this time, Tess received an astrology reading for three hours, where she received great insight into her Vedic horoscope.


“I guess as a teenager I often felt like I was hitting my head against a brick wall and that nothing seemed to go my way. Hilarious to reflect on that as an adult and realise how normal that experience is. But the reading felt like a breath of ease to hear that all these things that had gone wrong or weren’t working out for me, were somehow ok because there was a reason behind it. I’m not religious and I don’t believe in divine intervention or anything like that, but hearing the description of my life so utterly specific and spot on, made me feel a sense of hope and faith and belief in some kind of rhyme and reason, even if I don’t know what that is.”

Sitara’s latest album Alchemy just got released in early June with a packed out launch at The Mercury Cinema, now only a few weeks later Tess is taking on another ambitious project looking to express more of her personal and artistic passions on stage.

“It’s been an epic learning process. I wouldn’t say I’ve succeeded at staying in control, but I’m learning how I need to! Juggling both of these mammoth projects has been pretty anxiety inducing, but I’ve been forced to take a rather nihilistic approach and eventually you just have to say screw it, nothing really matters THAT much. Nothing is worth your mental health or physical health suffering, which mine was. So I’m really loving the last couple of weeks where I’ve started to enjoy the process a lot more and surrender the final outcome to whatever it may be. Better late than never right?!”

Revelations Of An Angry Beast dives deep into the light and dark of being a woman in her early 20s as Tess reflects on her global journey searching for self-acceptance. Although there are many darker themes, there are many positives in the show.

“Quite simply growing up and realising how far you’ve come and that indeed you are a woman. I still feel like hopeless pathetic young girl so often, that when moments flash by and I catch a glimpse of my reflection wearing something that represents me really well or when I do something I’m proud of, it feels amazing to realise I’m portraying the vision I had of myself doing what I’m meant to be doing.”

Revelations Of An Angry Beast

Proudly supported by the Helpmann Academy and Cabaret Fringe Festival

21 – 24 June 2017

Wednesday 21, Thursday 22, Friday 23 June 7.30pm

Saturday 24 June Matinee 2pm & 7.30pm

The Bakehouse Theatre, 255 Angas Street, Adelaide

$15 Artist $17 Groups (6+) $20 Concession $25 Adult

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