UK’s While She Sleeps are set to tour Australia with In Hearts Wake and Crossfaith performing songs off of their latest album You Are We for the first time in Australia.

We chatted with vocalist Laurence ‘Loz’ Taylor about releasing the new album and if they ever get used to it.

“I think just having previous albums out there you always over analyse things till the album is finished. It’s always a roller coaster deciding what you want to put in there and which direction to go and whether people are going to enjoy it. I always refer to it as a piece of art, you may think it’s the best thing in the world but when you reveal it to people they might not have the same view,” Loz explains.

The band chose to release You Are We independently as opposed to joining another label, if that wasn’t a challenge enough they even built their own DIY studio in an old warehouse to record the album.

“We’ve never been a band that does anything by halves. We took on the challenge of building our own HQ and turned a warehouse into a livable space with a studio recording space, bathroom and offices. The whole roller coaster has been a huge effort by everyone involved. Sometimes it’s pretty stressful but we never do things by halves, we’re a band with a punk rock ethic if you like. It’s always been a part of the band. It enables us to give our fans a product that comes straight from the band to the fans.”

While She Sleeps collaborated with Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon on one of their biggest new singles ‘Silence Speaks’, Oli Sykes doesn’t do many guest appearances but their relationship formed after touring Europe and Australia together last year.

“Basically he approached us after hearing some of the stuff. We did the tour in Australia with the guys and before that, we were over in Europe with them. We got chatting to Oli because he’s from the same area as us. We showed him some of the new material and like you say he hasn’t done many guest spots before so we didn’t expect anything to come from it. He just showed interest after the pledge campaign.”

“He showed a big interest and said he’d be up for doing something with us, it fell into place. We showed him a part of a song and he said it’d work really well and he went away and wrote a few lines and so did I, then it peaked together. I think it works really well and it was great to have him involved. A lot of people have turned to the band that didn’t know us before and said ‘I’ve come to see what Oli Sykes was doing on the video’ and they’ve found a new band that they really like.”

You Are We is available now.

While She Sleeps tours with In Hearts Wake and Crossfaith starting 10 July.

Tickets still available HERE.

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