Ocean Grove’s ‘Odd World’ has just been opened and is only going to get bigger. 

American rock duo ’68 (featuring Josh Scogin ex-The Chariot/Norma Jean) released their forthcoming album Two Parts Viper on Friday 2 June. They are heading to Australia this July with their first show at Adelaide’s Enigma Bar with national tour supports Grenadiers on Thursday, 20 July.

Tess Fowler never seems to sleep. Having just released a full 8-track visual album under her soul folk duo Sitara with her sister Erin Fowler, Tess is now set to perform at the Cabaret Fringe Festival in her show Revelations Of An Angry Beast a blend of spoken word poetry, theatrical storytelling and full songs accompanied by a violin and piano.

In some ways, Wooxdmansey’s account gives a more grounded view of the Ziggy years, but it can also be seen to depressingly demythologize this magical time in rock music history and in the lives of seventies glam-rock starchildren nostalgically holding onto a consciously skewed mental image of that golden era in this age of Trump and terror.