Kreator are playing in Adelaide on September 7 at The Gov, as part of their Australian tour with Vader.

The German metal icons love playing in Australia and frontman Miland “Mille” Petrozza says they have fond memories of rocking our shores.

“First time we were there was in the middle of the 90s, from then onwards we’d always have great crowds there,” Mille says.

“The metal scene is strong in Australia, people are friendly, we like the country and the way the scene works.”

“If you want to experience a night of violent music, huge mosh pits and energy, you should come see what we’re about.”

Gods of Violence was released this year on January 27, with the album reaching number one the German charts.

This would seem like a huge deal, especially given it was their first number one in their 32 years of existence, but Mille is just happy the band can keep doing their thing.

“It didn’t come as a surprise because our last album was in the top 5; it doesn’t mean that much to us, but it means more that our fans really enjoyed the record.”

“We took our time and reflected on our lives, in order to write new songs you need to be able to come with ten new things that excite you.”

Although plenty has changed through different eras, the one constant is that it’s always difficult to succeed in the industry.

Different eras have their own pros and cons, but when Kreator started, they couldn’t rely on the internet to build a fan base.

“We started in the 80s where there was no internet, but there was a couple of people that supported the scene; it was all based on tape trading and writing letters to each other.”

“The scene was active, but it wasn’t easy to find stuff and you had to be adventurous, whereas now you can check out a band online.”

Tickets are available here.

By Nutman

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