Australian music royalty is heading to Adelaide this weekend with Blood Sweat & Beers – The Concert and it’s set to rock your socks off.

An electric four-part show over two hours with former members of AC/DC, The Angels, Rose Tattoo and Screaming Jets, this blistering assault features the cream of rock n roll outfits including Angry Anderson, Mark Evans, Dai Pritchard, Grant Walmsley, Jim Hilbun and Greg Aldridge performing Bon Scott Classic AC/DC songs, a set of The Angels favourites and Screaming Jets hits, and to bring it home a set of Ross Tattoo classics.

These music industry legends have performed to millions of people, had dozens of hit singles in the ARIA charts, sold millions of albums and been inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame.

We spoke with Jim Hilbun from The Angels who is having a blast playing with the guy and can’t wait to get to Adelaide.

“I’ve known Grant for many years, in fact the Screaming Jets supported The Angels on some very early gigs of theirs when we got them on a tour with us. I was in a band with Angry when he released his solo album and we toured that record for quite a few months and I haven’t worked with Mark Evans before but he’s a funny boy so we’re having a ball. They’re all just funny. They’re professional. There’s no big egos involved and everyone’s enjoying the hell out of it,” he says.

“I’ve always had a great time in Adelaide. Some of my favourite people in life come from Adelaide and every time I’ve played there, audiences have been really good. There’s a lot of enthusiasm and it’s a good place to be.”

The Adelaide gigs are heading to Victor Harbor and Mawson Lakes to fit with the ‘off the beaten track’ of the tour and Jim says he’s always loved playing unique places and getting out there and rocking audiences.

“We used to go out six nights a week for three months at a time because at that time, people were into going out. They didn’t sit at home and twiddle on their fucking computers all day long,” he says.

“It was a much more social scene. You could go into a little country town on a Tuesday night and get 1000 people there. There’s absolutely nothing like live music. It’s a social experience; it’s an emotional experience. It gets people out and into the real world.”

The Angels, The Screaming Jets, Rose Tattoo and AC/DC are responsible for some of Australia’s favourite rock anthems, so I asked Jim what his all-time favourite is.

“Jesus, that’s a hard one. There’s so many. I like obscure songs like ‘Short Note’ by Matt Finish, that’s a classic. If you’re looking for great Aussie classics, ‘Great Southern Land’ is another one. It’s extremely Australian,” he says.

I suggest ‘Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again’ as a frontrunner for best Aussie anthem of all time and he laughs and says, “I guess you can’t go past that one.  There’s nothing like 1000 people yelling ‘fuck!’”

You can catch Blood, Sweat & Beers this weekend at Mawson Lakes Hotel (GRAB TICKETS) and Hotel Crown in Victor Harbor (GRAB TICKETS).

By Libby Parker
Photo supplied