Canadian hardcore five-piece Comeback Kid are releasing their sixth full length album Outsider on September 8.

Lead vocalist Andrew Neufeld says Outsider is a studio recording that aims to capture the all-out intensity of the band’s live shows.

“It was collaborative effort, in the past Comeback Kid has done it with two or three members playing everything on the album,” Andrew says.

“This time around everybody played on the album and we tried to be a little bit more obvious with our themes.”

“We definitely wrote this for club shows and festivals, we just tried to write a banging album that’s fun to play live.”

Although they’re not afraid to use new technology or production techniques, they aim to keep the core of the band true to their origins.

“We take influence from our previous work, but we do want to refine what we have done and keep doing it better,” Andrew says.

“We always like to try new things, but we also want to continue being the band we started as and we want to stay true to our sound.”

Comeback Kid started at the turn of the millennium in the lead-up to the social media age and have witnessed every phase of it.

Andrew says the difference isn’t just restricted to online behavior, as internet usage affects offline behavior patterns regardless of how disconnected you are.

“I’ve seen hardcore come from pre-social media to the current state that it is, the whole world has changed and hardcore is no exception,” Andrew says.

“It used to be a little more dangerous, we used to go to shows when we started touring and it used to be super violent.”

“Now with social media and camera phones, people have to be careful about what they’re doing and things don’t really slide as much since you can be easily caught on tape.”

Outsider is available on September 8 and can be purchased here.

By Nutman

Photo supplied.