Venom Inc. are releasing their new album Avé on August 18, the highly anticipated release from three former members of the legendary extreme metal band Venom.

Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan says the trio are excited about making new music together and the creative process was vibrant.

“I see music in images, so if I don’t see a picture when I hear a piece of music, then it’s not working for me,” Tony says.

“Everything he sent, I saw the visual, so we just kept going until we’d get to a stumbling point and that didn’t happen.”

The Venom Inc. lineup is complimented by Anthony “Abaddon” Bray (in the original venom from 1979-1992, 1995-1999) on drums.

Filling out on the band on guitar is Jeffrey “Mantas” Dunn (1979-1985, 1989-1992, 1995-2002), with all three members from the 1989-1992 era.

“You want it to feel like there’s an actual band playing; when you hear the record, it’s real and not constructed together,” Tony says.

Mantas and Dolan had been in M:PIRE OF EVIL for the previous decade without a label, but playing shows all around the world.

It was after Abaddon was spotted in the crowd the trio were asked about re-uniting, which lead to a guest spot followed by a tour.

“None of this had been planned, it’s not like we decided to get back together, it was all just a happy accident.”

The original Venom is still active, with Conrad “Cronos” Lant continuing to front the band on tours and records.

The name and logo aren’t solely owned by Cronos, so the legality behind the band has been an issue, although it might be confusing for fans.

Although Dolan says there is still animosity between the two parties, going their separate ways in this method is for the best.

“I’m glad he [Cronos] is out there playing, he doesn’t do that many shows and now he’s doing more with us going out,” Tony says.

“Fans just want music, they don’t want the bitch-slapping and I think to have both things going out is brilliant, to have more is better.”

“He has in his rider if Venom Inc. are in the bill then he doesn’t play, no technical crews can have Venom Inc. tattoos or wear our merch.”

Venom are credited with being a major influence on extreme metal, with their album Black Metal leading to the name of a sub-genre.

It has been controversial, as Venom aren’t considered a black metal band, but any influence on the sub-genre was about attitude rather than musical style.

“If you listen to the music side by side, of course it isn’t, but the name of the album was used to describe how Venom sounded against everyone else.”

“Back then Venom didn’t sound like Bon Jovi, AC/DC or Metallica, so they used that just to describe themselves.”

Dolan says this is a great point in history for metal music and is grateful that Venom Inc. can mix with the current and classic generations.

“A girl said to me ‘I’m only 24 and I missed all that history I can only read it in books’ and I said you’re at the best point: Sabbath just finished touring AC/DC, Guns, Metallica are all touring,” Tony says.

“Now you’ve got Ishan, Mayhem, Kreator, everyone is still out there as well as a whole new great generation!”

Not only are Venom Inc. excited about getting their music out in the current soundscape, they are thrilled they will even be coming as far as Australia to do so.

“We’ll be seeing you very soon, we’ve already got plans for 2018 to get down you’re end and it’s about time to see everybody,” Tony says.

You can pre-order Avé, which will be released on August 18 here.

By Nutman

Photo supplied.