Haken are coming this September for their first ever Australian tour, playing shows in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Formed ten years ago, vocalist Ross Jennings says it been a long time coming for the progressive metal six-piece.

“It’s been a bucket-list country to visit for years, so we’re absolutely stocked to announce that we’re coming,” Ross says.

“I don’t know why [it took so long], it’s taken a while to get our profile world-wide, build finances and all that.”

They have built a strong following in the progressive metal scene, but there are still a lot of people unfamiliar with the group.

“We like to think we bring something new, our shows are exciting and for a lot of people it’s not music you would’ve heard before on radio,” Ross says.

“It’s a once in a lifetime thing… well, only for the moment, hopefully there will be more chances to go back haha.”

They’ve become renowned in the progressive metal community, even garnering praise from sub-genre legends, Jordan Rudess and Mike Portnoy.

Their latest release Affinity was last year on April 29, the fourth full-length album from the British band.

“We took a left-turn from our previous albums, we didn’t want to make the same record again,” Ross says.

“I think we played with people’s expectations slightly, it could’ve gone either way, but people dug it.”

Ross says Haken has gained acceptance from people recognizing the sincerity of the band, as well as the musicianship.

“I think people recognize that we do tip our hats to the great, and the skill-set of the instrumentalists in the band shines through,” Ross says.

“We seem to lock into the music we love quite well and I think that shows, from my perspective we just do our thing and do it with passion.”

Vocalists are known for being center-stage and the focal point, but Ross says being in Haken means he’s not always in the spotlight.

“I’m quite a shy person really, so I don’t mind being part of the team rather than the center-point,” Ross says

“I love all the soloing, so I’m happy to stand on the side of the stage and watch all that going on.”

Tickets can be purchased here.

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By Nutman

Photo supplied.