New Found Glory Australian Tour August 2017

The godfathers of pop punk New Found Glory are heading around Australia this August for a very special 20 Years of Pop Punk Anniversary tour. 

To celebrate two decades as a band, New Found Glory will be playing two classic albums in full each night for an evening of nostalgia and infectious punk anthems. 

Adelaide was lucky enough to see New Found Glory performing Sticks & Stones and Catalyst in full at The Gov on August 9. 

 Warming up the crowd were Sydney pop punkers Stand Atlantic. With a familiar upbeat pop punk sound, Stand Atlantic performed songs from their upcoming EP Sidewinder. Stand Atlantic use an extra power up of energy, giving the well-known formula an interesting spin and modernised sound evident in highlight ‘Mess I Made’. With big backing and hype behind them already, Stand Atlantic will be a well-known name in the scene this time next year. 

So, 20 years on and New Found Glory are still around and still killing it. Although the music tastes of the generation have developed, branched off and discovered new sounds, the sold out room at The Gov proved that there’s still a place for old school pop punk. 

 It’s become a trend for bands to perform their most successful albums in full. Sure, some bands do this because they haven’t released anything of relevance in years, however, New Found Glory is not one of these bands, as they return to Australia playing over six albums in full, selling out most of their national tour. 

 Seeing a band perform an album in full is a rare and beautiful moment in history and nostalgia. New Found Glory tuned up the musical time machine and took the sold out crowd back to 2002. The musical experience between the four band members was evident as they performed songs that they haven’t touched in years, or even never performed live.

 Performing Sticks & Stones and Catalyst in full, New Found Glory were laughing with the crowd and solemnly and warmly reflecting on the 20 years that have passed, with the anthem ‘Sonny’ peaking the night as everyone in the room took a moment to contemplate their past. 

 The 20 years of Pop Punk tour is the crowning point of a pop punk history lesson and can’t be missed.When is this going to happen again? You’ll be lucky to get a 40 years of Pop Punk tour, but hey, never say never.

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New Found Glory Australian Tour August 2017