Across The Atlantic are releasing their new album Work of Progress on September 1, a confluence of heavy riffs and melodic hooks.

Vocalist Jay Martinez says this was a make or break album for the band as he wasn’t sure if they could continue, despite being relatively new on the scene.

“It seemed we had hit the ceiling where nothing else was coming, and for me, it was an anxious time because I was about to finish college,” Martinez says.

“I was going to be in debt, without a job or anything to show for this huge investment I made for the last five years of my life.”

“I was at a point personally where I had a lot of self-doubt and anxiety about if I was on the right track in my life, and if I was being selfish in following my dreams.”

The album was recorded by Andrew Wade who has recorded A Day To Remember, Neck Deep and Motionless In White.

Across The Atlantic have done every record with Wade because they chose to invest early on in high quality recordings.

Their sound has drawn comparisons to A Day To Remember and Four Year Strong, as each member draws on a variety of influences from punk, hardcore and metal.

“We all met through classified websites and just pieced it together and winged it; all five of us had different intentions of what band we were going to start and play in,” Martinez says.

“Our sound just naturally progressed, everybody was open minded and there was a lot of give and take early on about how we were going to structure these songs.”

Martinez teamed with Jason Lugo and Julio Bautista (guitars), Jay Garza (bass) and Cody Cook (drums) to create Across The Atlantic.

The five-piece came up with the name because of how isolated one of the members felt after to moving from Oklahoma to San Antonio, Texas.

“The name was originally derived from our drummer Cody, he thought of the name because he had recently moved to Texas right before joining the band,” Martinez says.

“The name was appropriate for us, just look at a picture of the band, we’re different ethnicities and come from different places.”

You can still pre-order Work of Progress physically or digitally, which will be released on September 1.

By Nutman

Photo supplied.