The world’s foremost psychic medium and author of many critically acclaimed New York Times best sellers, John Edward, is coming to Adelaide in November.

On Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th November at her Majesty’s Theatre, John Edward will see question and answer sessions, and messages from loved ones on the other side.

John has fascinated and surprised audiences, winning new fans and believers worldwide on his TV shows Crossing Over and Cross Country and now Adelaide will have a chance to see it to believe it.

We recently had a chance to chat with John who lives on Long Island, New York with his wife Sandra and their children, Justin and Olivia and he spoke of his love for Australia.

“I love the energy. I love what it feels like when I’m there,” he says. “I don’t love how long it takes to get here, but I do love the disconnect that I feel when I come from the States because it feels like an unplug from everything, and a complete getaway.

“I love the sense of community, the wicked sense of humour, the authenticity and the respect that people give me… all of that kind of comes together in a very positive way for me.

John Edward has brought a thought-provoking attitude to the world of psychic phenomena, and over the past 25 years has connected with thousands of people for whom he has communicated with the Other Side.

He says his family (aside from his father) have always been very supportive of his work since he got the calling at a young age from a fellow medium.

“A psychic did a reading for me and kind of put me on this path and told me that I had this ability. Then it was in hindsight that I kind of understood some of my earlier experiences where I’d be like, “Oh, that was a psychic thing.” Knowing that information or understanding that made me look back and redefine my past in a different way,” John says.

“My mom, my grandmother, cousins and aunts and stuff, they were totally supportive. My dad was pretty much deadest against it. Before he passed he came around.”

While there are difficulties in his job as a psychic, John says he loves what he does and wouldn’t trade it for anything, especially when he uses his skills to help people.

“Grief specifically is such a major blockage for people that it really does cause so many other situations in life to kind of become attached to it. I look at life as, like, a flowing energy, and like a river,” he says. “If you drop a big boulder in that river that will cause that energy to be divided. As a result of that, if you drop other boulders in that river if can become a dam. That river can stop flowing. I’ve seen so many people grieve and become paralysed from it.

“Not that I think a reading can ever fix anybody, but I know that an understanding can help a long-standing open wound to start healing. I think when people understand that life and love are eternal, when people know that their loved ones and friends are still with them, when they know that they’re not alone when they feel like they’ve been made to feel alone, when they know that, it really could turn the lights on in their own soul.

“It feels like the lights are going on in their eyes. It’s a pretty amazing feeling. I would say there’s no amount of money somebody could pay you to be worth that. It’s an endless positive feeling. It’s very rewarding.”

But while the positive feeling is something that keeps him coming back to the other side, sometimes there are difficult messages to convey, but John says he will never shy away from those.

“Sometimes it might be something that’s embarrassing, or it might be something that’s personal,” he says. It might be something that is revealing. It might be something that they’re never going to want to acknowledge. If someone’s got a health issue and they’re hiding it from their family, and their family’s with them, those moments will kind of come into play. But I feel like my job is to deliver the message.”

And he also wouldn’t shy away from telling people to embrace the gift of intuition if they feel they may be blessed with it.

“I would tell them to honour what they’re feeling, to keep a journal, to document what’s taking place so that they could see any type of patterns or reveals in how they get information. Then I would tell them to learn how to protect their energy through psychic self-defence,” he says.

“I’d make sure prayer is something that’s incorporated in their lives because I think it’s important as fuel. I would say I’m not a religious person, but I’m definitely a spiritual person. I say religion you pay for, faith is free, so I would start off with all of those things.

Then I would probably guide them to either a psychic tool, like tarot or numerology or astrology, to get them to be more serious about understanding universal things.; symbolism, understanding how things come together.”

And for those who want to connect with John and be part of his community, there’s Evolve.

“Evolve is my passion project. Evolve is my why am I not on TV anymore,” he says. “I recognised television was going into a direction I didn’t want to be a part of. I wanted to do stuff I knew television wouldn’t let me do, in the sense that they’re not going to let me teach on TV. When you look at where television has kind of navigated or migrated to, it’s way more produced and slick and reality show-based. It doesn’t really let stuff breathe.

“My answer to providing a platform was to do it online because then I control it and I don’t have to answer to a network saying, ‘The audience doesn’t want this,’ or, ‘We don’t feel that this is part of our demographic,’ or, ‘Nobody’s going to be interested in this.’

“I created an online community. It’s subscription-based and people pay a certain amount of money for a year. Every month, five people get a pair of tickets to my events, five people get a question answered. Five people get an actual phone reading with me that would normally be $800, but it’s all part of the community.

“Then there’s a weekly show called Evolve. It’s myself and a cohost. We delve into these topics, I do readings over Skype to the people in the community to answer their questions. We have special guests like behavioural scientists and grief therapists and people that have a message to actually help us evolve, which is the name of the programme, so I’d say it’s not a title but a command.”

You can catch John Edward at Her Majesty’s Theatre on Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th November with tickets through BASS.

By Libby Parker

Don’t miss out on your chance to see John in action.