With the support of Splash Adelaide, Symposium Productions will present an immersive, interactive performance in the Victoria Park/Pakapakanthi Grandstand.

One of Shakespeare’s rarely performed plays, Timon of Athens will open September 28 and play until October 2.

Audience members will be invited to follow the action of the play around the Grandstand and surrounding area and immerse themselves in the life of Timon, a beloved citizen of Athens who, through tremendous generosity, spends his entire fortune on corrupt hangers-on only interested in getting the next payout.

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By drawing on the history, location, architecture and atmosphere of the historic South Australian site, this production will explore themes of friendship, betrayal, materialism and isolation.

Director, Mary Angley, an honours student in drama at Flinders University is looking forward to presenting this lesser known play in such a great location.

“It is a thrill and a challenge to bring this piece of theatre to life in such a beautiful and unconventional space,” she says.

“I am beyond grateful to Splash Adelaide for this opportunity. It is so exciting to transport a 400 year old play into a new space in order to explore what it can mean to Adelaideans today. Our goal in creating this production has been to construct a world that extends beyond Shakespeare’s script: a world that audiences can move through, interact with, and feel that they are a part of.”

GrandstandThe Grandstand in Victoria Park/Pakapakanthi will transform into Athens, and the audience will be guests at an exclusive party in the members’ stand of a horse race.

They will explore the luxurious lifestyles of a group of privileged 20-somethings, while social unrest bubbles.

In Angley’s production of Timon of Athens, the role of Timon, traditionally played by an elderly man, will be played by 19-year-old Tom Tassone.

In witnessing Tassone’s portrayal of Timon’s irresponsible spending and his fall from luxury to poverty, audience members will be prompted to question whether Timon a reckless smashed-avocado-eating millennial, or the victim of a society made up of credit, debt and false friends.

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