36 Crazyfists have released their new album Lanterns, signifying the light at the end of the tunnel when you’ve found your way.

The writing process was personal for vocalist Brock Lindow, as he relied on friends and family to get through depression.

“Every album is a time volume of a certain chapter of my life lyrically, so it’s no different from that, but probably the messiest,” Brock says.

“It’s a wonderful thing to realise you have people you can talk and express yourself to, and they’re not gonna judge you or look down upon you”

“They’re gonna listen and help, and that’s what people need in this world; ultimately people need people, we’re all better off not bottling things up.”

Brock is the only member that continues to live in Alaska, while the others all live in Portland, Oregon.

It’s a three-hour flight from Portland to Anchorage, so coordinating sessions must be organized to efficiently use time.

“I used to demo in Anchorage and then send it through email, we always used to do it together, so we tried to do it that way again,” Brock says.

“We went back home, sat and mull over it for a couple of months and then made whatever improvements.”

“I flew back down in January and went for it for real and it felt way more rehearsed, like our homework had been done.”

Brock says it was the most fun he had ever had in the studio as his preparation helped him excel with the material.

“I had two weeks to do the vocals and in three days I had already done seven songs, I almost knocked it out in the first week,” Brock says.

As they approach their 23rd year as a band, the quartet is made up of Steve Holt (guitar), Mick Whitney (bass) and Kyle Baltus (drums).

The band will be doing the typical North America/Europe tour run for the rest of the year, but hope to come down under at the beginning of 2018.

“I had the phone call this morning with management, since we didn’t get to come on the last album that was disappointing for us,” Brock says.

“We love coming down there and it’s a priority since we haven’t been there since 2011, so hopefully we’ll be there at the end of February.”

Lanterns is out now and can be ordered here.

By Nutman

Photo supplied.